To ensure an ANZAC Day win, we need to


Tackle like we’re possessed! Give them no room.


this will go a long way to doing it.

Plus a good dose of lower the eyes and pick the best option. And actually getting the ball as intended to that option.


I’d be sticking with TBell against Grundy and then giving him a spell against Melbourne with Looney to fill in.

Either way, it would be absolute stupidity for TBell to play both those games.


What worries me most is the absolute punchability of Lynden Dunne’s and Sam Murray’s faces. They’re as punchable as Sam McLure. We might get decimated at the tribunal if the 1st attempt misses. I actually think we should go all out to draft these 2 guys, although we’d probably still punch them in the intraclubs.


Does anyone know why the Anzac game is this round and not part of round 6? Would make more sense for Essendon and Collingwood to both play this Saturday and then play each other after 3 days rest as opposed to playing other teams after the shorter break


Essendon and Collingwood play Melbourne and Richmond who both play ANZAC Eve. Not sure it’s such a big deal.


… be below Collingwood on the ladder.



Rip Sidebottom a newie.

Presumably on his side.


We match up pretty well with them at the moment, providing we can get enough of the ball.

Sidebottom and Grundy are the biggest concerns, but as always on Anzac Day it someone is likely to show up unexpectedly. Sidebottom, Grundy and Treloar has 34 clearances between them on Friday(!)

After a big win against Adelaide over there you’d think they would come in unchanged but there is the temptation to bring Wells in after he returned in the VFL last week.

Clear weakness is the forward line, Reid can take a grab but can’t kick. Cox is a spud. The danger men Elliot, Fasolo are out and Moore plays back this year. This presents the greatest opportunity for us.

I would start with seven backs and if they even up the numbers then go with eight. Clog up their forward line and leave ours open. Make them find ways to score through congestion and prevent their kids from running into open space from stoppages. Back Joey, Stringer, Jimmy, Fantasia, Green and Walla to do more damage than their forwards can. If that means Stewart or Walla plays down back for a quarter then so be it.


Doubt Smack will be playing any time soon…


I think it is a big deal. It stuffs us for the Hawthorn game after Melbourne as well because it’s only a 6 day break to that. That will be a very hard game to win even if the Hawks were crap.

It would have made more sense for Anzac Day to be part of round 6 as suggested but I think the ANZAC day eve game stuffed that plan


… is this how we beat Collingwood?


get on the gear?


Don’t let Heppell or Zaharakis make the last kick inside 50.


Put Hooker forward.


Midfield, midfield midfield. It is Collingwood’s strength and our weakness, especially at centre bounces. We must break even in that area, if we do our quality forward of centre should prove the difference. Pendlebury, Sidebottom, Treloar, Grundy are gun players.


Yeah, its ■■■■. Probably done so both teams are well-rested after a 10 day break for the show-peice game of the season. We were rubbish last year for two-weeks after Anzac Day (falling away badly in the second halves against Melb and Freo) - so Anzac Day is a must win - as the next 2 games are potential write-offs.


Rest saad and debut a kid.


Both games are worth 8 points.


Unless there are 2 draws.