To ensure an ANZAC Day win, we need to


Turn up


Bring in Langford. Just needs a consistent run at AFL level.


Love your economy with words. Ever been called laconic?


The problem is having 3 games in 11 days.


Zaharakis to Sidebottom - Can hurt Sidey the other way, has the engine to run with him
Bellchambers to nullify Grundy as much as he can


No posts from Blitz posters that accept mediocrity.


Start the game with plan B.


To ensure an ANZAC Day win we need to come to see the future and to be a great time with our future of the players.

Sorry, thought I’d try that “hit the middle button“ thing. Never works for me.


Rather than briefly verbose?


Key Matchups for Pies

Grundy - Bellchambers big task, but let him know he will get following week off so put 110% in.
If hes struggling send him forward and try JD or Stewart in ruck.

Sidebottom Z Merrett
Treloar Zaharakis
Pendelbury - Heppell
Stephenson - Send McGrath to him…he kicked 5 last week needs to be shut down
Varcoe - Baguley
Hoskin-Elliott - not sure
Cox - Hooker
Hartley - Reid
Hurley mop up.

Daniher - Howe
Stewart - Dunn
I cant see a matchup for them on Stringer. So He will run amok and kick a bag.

Hurley or Stringer to wn the Anzac Medal if we win.

If Pies win…would be front runner sidebottom


Some good match ups but I’d send Smith to Pendles with instructions to tackle him early and often - the years are catching up with Pendles.
I’d also play Saad on Stephenson - giving away height, but equal in speed.
Leaves McGrath freer to counterattack off defensive spuds like Hoskin Elliot.