Tom Mitchell


Let me correct myself by previously inferring ISIS I am in no way condoning what they do or stand for. My intention was to emphasise how much I hate the AFL.

In retrospect poor choice of words, - apologies to veryone.

But i still hate those karnts for taking 5 years of mine and my football cubs life away.

Sorry, Last post on this topic out of the saga thread.


It was more than media and ASADA that did the damage.
I’m sure the AFL would have preferred that it all went away as quickly as possible.


I actually think the AFL totally misjudged how it was all going to play out.

They thought they could control every aspect of the event but it escalated into a far bigger beast than they anticipated.

Just an amateur organisation.


Was AOD legal?


Instabans coming up. 1st and last warning.


Just quietly, Jaegar O’meara is 81 to 1 for the brownlow. With Mitchell down at Hawthorn I don’t mind those odds for a roughy.

Don’t mind Shiel or Merrett at 51 to 1 either.


Do people get refunded for taking Mitchell early?


Do people get refunded if they back a winner in the Cup in June, and it doesn’t get a start?


Up here in some circumstances they do get refunded… but oh well you know better.


They do in some cases here too…but not legally. Ex-chairman of Racing Victoria tried to get a refund when his horse didn’t get up for the Cup. Got the lemonade. I worked with the guy. You could trust him as far as you could spit…into the wind…particularly if you had a good-looking missus. That was an entry fee though, not a bet.


What if your hate for the AFL is stronger than that you have for ISIS?


It’s not complicated guys.

Lots of sympathy for Mitchell or any other human being who breaks their leg badly.

Zero sympathy for Hawthorn. My hatred for them is only surpassed by my hatred for Fark Carlton. Hope they finish last, have a decade down the bottom and then finally merge with Melbourne to form the greatest fair weather supporter club in history. Fark them; their families, their ancestors etc etc


Mitchell down, Wingard to go.


Did you end up using your telescope to spy on the neighbours and become convinced that the neighbour had murdered his wife?


We’ve gone from Mitchell racks up meaningless touches, to the Hawks are rooted without Mitchell in an instant.


I bet you have a few more yarns :blush:


:rofl: if only. I grew up on a farm where the nearest house was at least a 1km away. If only I was ever gifted a telescope!


It’s only a matter of time before another saga at another club surfaces, and if the afl can’t control it I will roast pascal marshmallows, both pink and white, over it’s burning corpse.


I don’t have any sympathy for other clubs and thier supporters not after how they treated Essendon during the saga they can all gagf.


Anyone who rejoices in injuries to others needs to seriously examine themselves. Tit for tat bullshit is for children.

Especially given that last I checked, Tom Mitchell had absolutely nothing to do with the saga, nor have I ever heard him express a single thought about it.