Tom "the mercenary" scully

I reckon he has exactly the blend of pace, inside/outside capability and two way running our midfield needs.

When did the mega deal expire? Is he gettable? When did he qualify for FA?


Signed a four year extension last year. Would theoretically be a FA at the end of 2019 (the 8/10 year qualifying periods have to be at a single club so his time at Melbourne doesn’t count).

I do like him though, basically Stanton turned up to 11. I think they mentioned last night when he started the 4th on the bench that it was the first time he’d been on the bench in a second half all year. That’s some serious endurance.


It’s superhuman. I couldn’t get over it when I heard it.

Tom scully vs gary ablett as the marquee signings are just fascinating.

no doubt that gary is the better player, but scully was just the right signing for GWS.

■■■■ gcs failed.


Bock vs Davis from the crows
Harbrow vs Ward from the dogs

GWS did the signings from other clubs much better.


So what is he with trade wise. He’s 25? Worth a first rounder in my mind, probably some steak knives too. Would it be the right move list wise.

I think we need to decide if we’re going for it in the next couple of years with Hurley and hooker. If we’re not. Some players need to get traded out for first round draft picks.

Going after scully would fit the trade for now list management strategy.

As if.

As if what? We’d be interested? We could get it done? He’d be interested? We’d trade people out to hit the draft?

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Don’t forget Jared Brennan, Campbell Brown and Nathan Krakouer!

Man, that’s the culture triple threat. One lazy, one ■■■■, one flake.

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No way Scully will leave GWS.


What Reboot said.

Gary has earned his pay packet, Scully has not. He’s a good player, but not $1M+ p.a. good. GWS got a lot of things right, but the Scully signing was not one of them. I’d say they have had the two of the three most overpaid players in the history of the game (Folau and K Hunt being the others).

GWS (or AFL) definitely learnt from GC mistakes

GC - unproven coach (McKenna), brought in a guy taking up half the salary cap with unproven or unknown leadership qualities (Ablett), some decent enough players but with no leadership qualities just were probably just chasing more $$$ (Brennan, Harbrow, Rischetelli) and a few guys trying to prolong their careers (Fraser, Brown).

GWS - 2 proven coaches (Sheeds,Choco) with a succession plan, a few young players touted as future leaders (Ward, Davis) and some semi-retired guys in part time coaching roles who were known leaders (Cornes, Brogan, McDonald)

So every time the media talk about a player who is going okay are we going to start a thread debating endlessly about whether we are going to try and trade for them?

I haven’t listened to or read any media this morning. I’ve liked him for a while. This is a football forum right?

No. It’s actually the site of the ‘world bickering championship’.


I don’t disagree about their pay packets but i also don’t care.

He’d be a whipping boy with us. We don’t have the support around him that GWS has.

One player won’t fix our problems. We need to keep going to the draft, gather a group of youngsters then go for a mid to early 20s player.

DP reckons Dangerfield would.

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