Top 10 best players from 2010-20

I need something to fill the void. been a few of these kinds of things getting around. I’ll try and put bias/hate aside. who are your top 10?

  1. Buddy Franklin
  2. Nat Fyfe
  3. Luke Hodge
  4. GAJ
  5. Scott Pendlebury
  6. Dustin Martin
  7. Patrick Dangerfield
  8. Alex Rance
  9. Sam Mitchell
  10. Joel Selwood
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I really wanted to make the case for Corey enright. he is one of the most underrated players the game has seen


All Bias aside

  1. J Watson
  2. D Heppell
  3. C Hooker
  4. M Hurley
  5. J Daniher
  6. D Smith
  7. D Shiel
  8. A Saad
  9. J Stringer
  10. AMT

Honerable mentions, Fyfe, Franklin, Ablett, Hodge, Pendles, Martin, Rance, Mitchell, Selwood, Judd, Danger


I love this, and everyone is going to bite your head off for at least five of the names in that list! Love it

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what does Merrett have to do to get a gig?

Win the Brownlow

i meant Jackson


Let’s be honest, I didn’t put much thought into it.

8-10 Will have pretty much differing opinions. the rest of them select themselves (imo)

I want to do this list just to put Sam Mitchell no 1.

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I think Pendlebury goes close to number 1, FWIW.

Buddy a few rungs down, based on the criteria given - he’s been just ‘very good‘ since about 2017 and missed a fair bit.

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I have no idea about the timeframe here.
But regardless, seems to me, clearly…

  1. Jr
  2. Franklin
  3. Dusty

Raffle the rest.

just out of interest - To others as well

is fyfe underrated in Melbourne? I have no doubt if he played for a big Melbourne club, he would be top 2 with everyone, and ahead of dusty. criminally underrated, still

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He’s best footy has been in a bad team that hasn’t played finals. Those type of players generally get marked down through no fault of their own.

I probably only watch Freo once a year against us.

1 Lindsay Thomas
2 Walters
3 Stratton
4 Ryder
5 Carlisle
6 fk Carlton
7 worsfold
8 skipworth
9 Jeff Kennett
10 west coast supporters


the years before that, were more game changing than anyone else imo

earlier in the decade they were right up there, including a GF

he is a better player than dusty, imo

FWIW - if you want to pay attention to it, and you may not - Pendles/Martin/Fyfe/GAJ are all on 173-175 BL votes over the decade.

Danger’s on 209.
As well as being the leader of that group for clearances (by a lot), contested possession, inside 50s (by a lot) and goals (by a lot).

Perhaps we under-rate Danger.


Missed a bit of footy, and played under duress a bit too much.
His best is right up there.