Top 4 Clubs you respect, in order and why

OK, this tells a lot about me/you, but it tells us about the other clubs as well.
Firstly, I dont expect Carlton to be on this list.

But can you say that when we play a club they play fair, they are well organised and, regardless of where they are on the ladder they also accord us with respect, win or lose. Do you like the way they go about it ? Ones who, if Essendon dont play in the Grand Final, you hope win.

For me:
Hawthorn. An enemy, at times a bitter enemy. Play fair but hard (over the last 10 years)
Geelong. Not enemies, just a side you like to beat if you possibly can. Respect their great core of elite players Play fair, and are skillful.
Richmond. Not enemies. Not a very successful club in the modern era. Really try hard . Just never quite getting there. Richo personified.
Collingwood. Enemies I respect A traditional Anzac day rival. Working class personified, but workers are also people. Respect their midfield over the last 5-6 years

It was difficult putting Collingwood in the top 4, but TBH I dont really like any of the other clubs at all.