Top Ten Essendon Field Kicks

Given the interchange rule only came in in 1978, 74 to 77 is easy to rate.
As for 1978 and interchange stewards, surely it’s Col “Fish Fingers” MacGonnigal as number 1, then daylight the rest.


Agree Tippa very good.

Long had amazing depth control. Salmon or whoever could be leading into a tight space and Long could kick it inches beyond the reach of a player in the hole but still in front of the target. A mate of mine and I used to joke that he must be an alien who controlled the ball with his mind powers.

A couple not mentioned: Denham - not a long kick but deft and hard to tell if he was a right or left footer. And McVeigh - loved the way he dropped the hip slightly and raked through the ball.

Lucas and Lloyd I reckon both underrated when not kicking at goal. Kind of like Joey but better when actually shooting! Van Der Haar likewise a very good field kick - but unlike the above 3 had a very good opposite side.

Wellman chipped it a lot but hardly ever missed.

Derek Kickett and Dean Rioli - both superb kicking skills.

Hawker almost kicked it out of his own hands his drop was so low

Loved swervin Mervyn on the run.

Mercuri was all class.

Take Fletch above anyone though.

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I think Rioli is the best I’ve seen, the next 9 is hard work.

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Can I just say I’m the only person so far to stay on topic?

This thread is about best kicks, not kickers.

Geez, you guys hate Reimers.

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I’m going to base it on the players I have seen play live

1.fletcher. brilliant field kick and an amazing kicker from full back. We still haven’t even come close to replacing his accuracy from kick ins. Whenever he had the ball I had complete confidence he would hit a teammate on the chest

2.long. His ability to perfectly weight his kicks to a teammate was superb

  1. Mercuri- just all class

  2. Rioli- absolutely brilliant field kick

  3. Tippa- see Rioli

I left out Goddard only because his kicking wasn’t as consistent in his last few seasons

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Can’t believe no ones detailed this thread to talk about Hurley.

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Cupido, Rama, and now Ridley. Houli also a great kick.

Oh so it’s about their shoes. I get it.

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Well, Reimers would win that contest too, even just for trolling Robert “Carlton would win nine out of ten replays” Walls.

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It crossed my mind to chuck in a little shot at Hurley when I was talking about fletch and kick outs

I love that I have no idea if you’ve completely made this up! And please don’t tell me!


Jason Winderlich. Excellent field kick off both feet, could do it a pace and also a god set shot. Sean Wellman and Andrew Lovett were also very good and Conor McKenna’s kicking skills are outrageous (even if he’s a little overambitious at times).


No surprise with the selection of J Barnes. The depth and accuracy of his field kicking was outstanding. And what was his natural side? That’s right. No one apart from John knows because he was equally adept on his left and right boot.



Francis is probably the one that could be one of the best in the comp for longer field passing. Bites off more than he can chew at times, but the guy has what it takes.

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that’s all I’ve got


Foulds and Hawker were beautiful field kicks.
Hawker could comfortably wheel onto his left side and you wouldn’t have any idea it was his non preferred.

Not sure if anyone has mentioned Harvs, but I thought his general field kicking was under rated.

O’Donnell and Bewick, though the later more renowned for his kicking for goal.

Present day, I’d go Tippa, McKenna, Saad and Zerrett.

WindsockBoy for the win!


See, for example, my post which described one of the most amazing kicks of the latter half of the second millennium.

That was probably in the top 5 kicks of all time

The OP referred to the immortal Albert Thurgood. There was a St K player who also set a record in the 19th century iirc. Blight’s torpedo for a goal winning a game against FCFC.

So Essendon players have 2 of the best 5 kicks ever.

Anyone argeung anything else does not compare and can FRO.