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And yeah, I had gone and looked that up. I had been under the impression that the 1500 record had gone, but I was clearly confused (maybe an indoor one?). Basically only 5000 and up records.

It’s interesting how the field records haven’t fallen, but track ones have. I assume the drugs 20 years ago were fantastic for power events!

And back to middle distance. Seeing El Guerrouj run sub 3:27 from trackside was the second best thing I’ve seen on a track.

ten years on supersuit records are starting to get beaten.

interesting looking at the names of the athletes too…

Flo jo still has the 100m womens…but yeh drugs…hmm
A few womens records held from the 80’s

Jumping ones too have held for a lot longer like throwing ones.

Never should have been allowed to stand imo or the suits should have been welcomed and been treated the same of advancements in bicycle technology

Alphaflys/Vaporfly/next % IMO are to be used for sessions and races only, not everyday shoe, but a couple of times a week. Helps with receovery from session and also hit faster paces.

There are supposed to be more injuries pushed further up due to the shoes, but I put that down to over training as well. Have a mate who is just coming back from a sacrum fracture.
And talking to his physio…he said shoes could be a portion of it, but its more likely him sitting down all day at work / driving etc and then working out pretty hard when hes running.
Inactivity to heavy activity i guess. If he did gym strengthening work or had a more strenous job, or did more labouring tasks may have strengthened the area better and not got injured.


The women’s records are shocking. That women’s 400 record that was set in Canberra is so untouchable that it feels like it will stand for 100 years…

Cathy Freeman still in the top 10 fastest times / PB

with Germany would worry about drugs etc… i Guess.
pretty cool record in Canberra though.

East German. Completely drug aided. No one has run within half a second for almost 40 years!


I played footy against Peter Knights when we were both at High School. He played for some combined Gippsland High School team I think, and I played for the Metro division our High school was in. He was playing for Hawthorn at the time, and I also remember that while he was about 6’1", he always seemed much taller as he was usually standing on my head taking a screamer.


You can never say a WR will never be broken but the women’s 400 metre will be a tough nut to crack.

Jess Hull breaks another National record. First Aussie woman under 4 mins 20 sec in the mile.


Is this the Track and Field thread? Guess so.

PSA: World Champs start on Saturday

Note, it’s all live on SBS on Demand


Really good runs by all three of our girls in the 1500m heats.

Georgia Griffith, Jess Hull and Linden Hall all finished top 3 in their races and got through comfortably.


McSweyn and Hoare win their respective 1500 heats


Hoare goes out in the semis

That’s a bit surprising. He has been in such great form. If he ran the exact same time he did in the heat he’d have won that semi final.

Just shows so much of it is up to the tempo of each respective race, whether you get shuffled back or caught up in any of the jostling or even just if you feel a bit flat on the day.


Nina Kennedy has won Bronze in the Pole Vault! Great result. Happy for her.
She’s had to deal with a lot of injuries since breaking the Australian record.


Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is 35 years old and is still dominant in the 100m.

Arguably the greatest sprinter ever when you look at her resume.

After winning here in Oregon she now has 5 World Championship Gold Medals in the 100m. Dating all the way back to 2009.

Throw in a 200m World Championships gold medal and a heap of relay Golds.

4 Olympic Games for 2 Golds, 1 Silver and a Bronze in the 100m. A Silver in the 200m and relay gold and silver.

And just as we saw at the Olympics, her and her Jamaican compatriot Elaine Thompson do not get on :sweat_smile:

She’s tiny too at only 152cm.


Men’s 1500m results: