Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


With Shiel I could see it getting done for our 2018 first and 2019 second. Less than Treloar, but more than FA.


Would have to add this years 2nd on top of that at the very least.


Not necessarily. Treloar was effectively a first rounder + upgrading a second to first. This replaces the second bit with a straight second. It is obviously less than Treloar. But it is way more than FA which is likely to be about pick 15-16.

It’s not full value, but it’s more than FA.


Wow. That’s come out early this year.


What about 2018 2nd round and our 2019 1st?


If Eagles force a trade for Gaff.
Geelong lose Kelly, Receive Essendons first rounder
Essendon lose first round pick, Gain Gaff
West Coast Gain Kelly & Colyer


I’d be open to getting Beams provided it was a decent deal but Shiel would be absolutely perfect for us IMO. Smith deal was pretty good for us, our first & future third for Devon Smith, Collingwood 2nd (2016 trade of WHE) & a future second, think that’s roughly the deal? Beams at a similar deal might be ok but my preference would be to target Shiel but if that falls through, take the first rounder to the draft and maybe try to snag another while we’re at it.


So your saying we can pick up Shiel for picks 8+ and 38+ ?


I like the fact Beams has gone to Brisbane to wash off the stain of being a Collingwood maggot.

He has become much more palatable now.


Why wouldn’t beams go back to Collingwood.


2019 Premiership team right here

B: Saad Hurley Redman
HB; McKenna Hooker McGrath
C: Zaharakis Heppell Gaff
HF: Stringer Daniher Smith
F: Fantasia McKernan Tippa
R: Bellchambers Merrett Shiel
Int: Parish Langford Guelfi Baguley


GC and Carlton will get priority picks.
We’ll probably have pick 10. It’ll be pick 10 and our first next year OR a first and player that GWS would want.

He’s contracted - they won’t let him go lightly


Maybe doesn’t like Buckley!


Who does?


Doesnt like Buckley

He was part of the rat pack eh.


Neither of you two have heard Still the 12th Man?


If we got away with that, and I dont think that is unreasonable, then you would be laughing.


Not in the last 20 years, no.


They wont get PP picks that high. If they get them, it will be at the end of round 1


Gold Coast will get pick 2 as a compo pick for Lynch. You can bet Mark Stevens’ house on it. Nothing is more certain!!
They’re also every chance to get an early priority pick for being ■■■■. If it’s not pre R1 you can imagine it’ll be mid R1 at worst.
The AwFuL’s secret herbs and spices at work…