Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


If both players select us as their only destination…

Pick 8 for Beams and 21
2019 1st and 21 for Shiel


Welcome to essendon Gaff, Beams and Shiels


I reckon the AFL will be very keen to get another very high pick to GC and that’ll mean Carlton get one too.

Hope you’re right but I fear not.


If Carlton get a pp before their 1st Rd pick it is a disgrace.

Surely if they do it’s end of r1.

They should get SFA.


I think the are PP are always going to be end of 1st round now.

It was creating too much incentive to tanking to have them before their own low first rounder etc


Doubtful. This is the “super “ draft, we’re likely to finish higher next year and our second this year is GWS’s so likely quite late. So I don’t think they’d go for that.

More likely 9ish and 30ish, instead of 16ish in a weaker draft. If they really feel they need to release salary cap space, I think that is possible.


Silly season is starting early around here this year.


boo hoo


WTF is your problem?


Compensation picks for FAs are straight after your pick, though, aren’t they?




What did Collingwood get for Beams about 4 years ago? Pick 5 and Crisp, wasn’t it? And he wasn’t an FA then.

8 and 21(?) is much too high a price. I’d be trying to offload a surplus tall defender like Hartley in one of those deals, probably GWS…since he’s from western Sydney.


Can be. Depends what tier they get rated against etc


Later than usual.

And it’s not silly season, just discussions


Carlton should be told to nick off


There’s nothing more certain than GC & Carlton getting a priority pick this year, that after GC gets pick 3 for Lynch which will essentially be pick 3 & 20 as compensation.


and Johnny tap has exploded out there at randwick


New board name for trade period…Beams Gaff down Scotty!


If we get Shiel I’ll tongue Diggers’ nuts and that’s a promise.


To be fair, you’ll probably do that regardless.