Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Ranked as a elite for Behinds. Perfect.


A lot of chatter about Brad Hill wanting away from Freo, Odd one as he was hellbent on leaving the Hawks for Perth 2 years ago, Ross Lyon boring footy the issue?

Would suit our footy perfectly, Fast elite runner fantastic skills.

If any truth Hawks are the obvious choice but we should try.


As if he wouldn’t just go to WC as Gaff replacement

He is from WA and family all there


The story is he wants back to Melbourne. No idea why.

Agree with @Milanista28 that if he was gettable by anyone other than Hawthorn, we should try. Hawks got #22 or so for him, but he’s won a B&F since. Maybe our 2019 second?


I’ve just had someone tell me Pies are meant to be into a gun mid

Given Wells project has failed wouldn’t surprise if it’s them wanting that outside class and footskills

How they fit Lynch in firstly cap wise and then another mid who knows.

But yes Hawks you’d think he wouldn’t have any beef with so could end up there again.


Brad Hill would fit them well, they have the inside covered for the foreseeable future, Brad Hill would work well with Sidebottom on the outside. Wouldn’t cost a lot of $$ so it could possible for them to bring both Lynch and Hill in.

If Hill does leave, Freo might be more inclined to take Ian Hill with their 1st pick - who is basically a classier version of Brad.


Think we will see the pies have a bit of a clearance sale. There’s LOTS of talk about Darcy Moore. Contract on the table since January but no dice as yet. Fasolo, Elliott etc. they’re an interesting watch this trade season IMO.


Fasolo from WA also

Pies have to be kiddin’ with Moore, their kpd stocks taken hit with Dunn doing ACL already and Reid eternally injured.


I reckon they’ll go aggressive, fun time to be a pies supporter; awful time for everyone else.


I can’t see it after just one year. A spot might open up if Kelly goes, but Ablett and Selwood surely don’t have much in the tank. We’d have to pay a lot for an untried kid.


Hartley to Pies for a 2nd round would be lol city.


And yet they are still in the hunt.

KPP are just not as important as they used to be.


Yes they are. Buddy ran them ragged last week on the first game kpd after Moore went off. And a week after Hurley demolished him.

Since Dunn’s ACL they have had;

  • 16pt win vs EFC, only due our injuries in game
  • 6 goal loss to WC at the MCG
  • Pumped North
  • Lost to Tigers
  • Lost to Swans

Should be 1-4 from that run


De goey missed a few games in there, didn’t he?


Buddy can do that to anyone and losing a player in the game is always a disadvantage.

Yes Hurley beat him but so what does that prove? Only that players form fluctuates depending on different circumstances.

Once again you use excuses for our loss to them yet it doesn’t seem to apply when Buddy ran riot and they had an injury…

They were also in the Tigers game for a hell of a long time.

None of what you posted proves that KPP are as important as they once were but if that’s your belief, that’s your choice.


Clearly not important.

Hence McGovern just got $1.2mil to stay at WC

And Rance gets frothed non stop.

And why we switched Hooker back.

Kpd who can beat their men and intercept are more valuable than ever.


Learn to read and comprehend.


That would make sense. Especially if Connors is trying to get another one of his clients to Essendon aswell.


He wants his players to win flags. Melbourne would be pushing their cap with the signing of Lever and a few others, there pretty much set. I’d say we’re next in line or on the same level as a future premiership contender and still have some money in the bank.


Still in the hunt due to their easy draw. Have been found out against top teams.