Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Premierships… yes.
Money… yes

But the improvement in Stringer, Smith and Saad. That is worth selling to opposition players.


I read it.

And countered with more important than they’ve ever been based on how critical it is to be able to prevent contested marks /take your own/intercept and launch attacks.

McGovern is on Dusty money now which contradicts what you are saying.



There’s no reason for a player seeking change or success to not be interested in moving to Essendon.


Exactly - they should refer to our finals winning success over the last 18 years.



Still find it incredibly hard to rate melbourne. They have not beaten a single team in the current top 8.


They could beat sydney this week and still not have beaten a team in the 8 by the end of the round if results go the right way.


Why would we want to draft Beams when we said Rockciffe was too old?


would only come if Ambrose apologises and leaves the club first


God imagine Shiel in our midfield
our team would be incredible.


Would be ideal to get Shiel. If he’s available, throw the kitchen sink.


Every resource the club has should be reallocated into signing Shiel. Coaches, marketing, players, membership, everything. Just don’t field a team the last two rounds. All in.


True…dang I was kinda silly on him…oh well then


Sounds alot like our backline.
I really want a Swan to stick it up Buddy!


Tonight would have been a good advertisement of our club for a player like Shiel.


Won’t some please think of e-sports.


Snagging Shiel, would allow Zach to play more outside where he’ll devastate teams with his boot.


Little birds talk

Shiel is definitely leaving this year

Take it to bank.

Just a matter of which team but we are right in the mix


Browne on 7 said it’s FACT we’re chasing Shiel strongly.
The important question is what number does he want? 31 is the lowest. 9, 20 22 could become available, Essendon problems…




Can we afford him?