Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


He wouldn’t go to Carlton, unless he barracked for them as a kid.

Hawks or us. Fits into our team better if you ask me.

I still don’t see him leaving, but that’s me. I’ll have him in a heartbeat.


Pretty sure he did barrack for Blues.


I love that Tom Browne is reporting this Shiel news.

He was by far the most credible reporter during last years trade period.



I know someone very connected to the decisions of his footballing life.


For anything Connors related I’d trust Browne. He is literally on Connors payroll


I won’t call you a liar. :crossed_fingers:t3::+1:t3:


If we can snag Sheil oh my have you seen his body? the bloke is a fitness freak he would complete our midfeild


Donnington pls


How ■■■■■■■ devo will we all be if he does leave then chooses hawks over us. Shiel would be a huge get.


I have full faith in Disco. Shiel be right mate.


Bring him in. If I were a player i’d Be wanting to join us, we have unlimited potential. We are on the rise.

<haven’t won a final in years>


Is he good mates with Devon Smith?


I thought you were banned??
Oh - sorry, you’re not Donnington.


If we got Sheil it would be the highlight of our clubs last 15 years. Im seriously invested in this one.






Shiel be right mate.


I disease we shall contract


That video of hamstring strength is incredible. Most people would tear both strings like tissue paper.


Thank god we didn’t pack it in after the miserable start to the season. Bottom four finish would not have made us a destination club.

Important to play out this season and if we show the heart we displayed last night we’ll be right in the thick of it no doubt again this trade period.