Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


I love how last year when Browne was adamently reporting Stringer would be a Bomber, we all thought he was a guru and his mail was spot on.
Fast forward 12mths and cause he’s running the line that a player we’re interested in is going elsewhere and he’s the worst jounro in history.

Blitz 101



Now that’s some healthy outrage. You should take that into the “AFL boys supporting the VFL boys” thread.


Where have I said all you need is KPD’s? I have never once said anything remotely like that. Maybe the problem here is that you have a comprehension issue & can’t understand basic concepts. I have always maintained that the midfield has become the most important part of the modern game & have pointed to the rise of the Lions in 01 as where I believe this trend started gaining traction. Our 2000 side was relatively weak in the midfield compared to the rest of the ground and I believe the teams prior like say North were also built more around top quality spines. Brisbane set the standard with multiple top quality mids & I believe thats been the blueprint for success since. That doesn’t mean & I’ve never said that the rest of the ground is irrelevant but I believe mids are the most important part to get right & have held us back for the last decade+. I have been 100% consistent in that belief for 15 years here on Blitz.

We were not miles of it in 2002 thats simply farking moronic. We’ve seen the last 2 years when teams have won flags when very few gave them a hope of it even at the start of the finals. You cannot be miles off a flag while consistently making finals - the 2 concepts are counter-intuitive. You simply have to have a lot of whats required to win a flag to firstly make finals. Again Geelong made back to back prelims, they finished the regular season above Richmond last year & unless you can show me evidence that you backed Richmond to win the flag long before they did, then I’m not going to accept your hindsight as evidence of superior judgement.

Answer this question - are we a successful club? We’ve not won the flag loads more times than we’ve won it so by your standard there is no such thing as success. I rate 2002-04 as part of a successful era. I believe that era could have been more successful with better list management. I rate the cats last 3 years as successful compared to ours & most other sides. I fully understand that flags are the ultimate goal but its never an all or nothing. I rate Jobe a champion & his career a success (in isolation, not team). I rate Plugger as a successful player who played in unsuccessful sides - this applies to loads of players. I rated our 2017 season a success because we made finals & re-formed our team after the supplements saga. I rate our 2017 trade period a success even if we never win a flag with any of those traded players.

I think is foolish to try to make predictions about 6 years into the future in footy. How could you have any idea what will happen. Nobody was saying in 2001 that Geelong were building towards a juggernaut but add a few great draft picks & thats what can happen. Not many here were able to predict what the last 15 years has delivered.


Every day someone gives us another “Tom Browne reported…” story, and it’s complete and utter bulldust - whatever way the wind is blowing.
Attention-seeking whores like him deserve to be treated with the same degree of skepticism and disdain as SWMNBN…


He must think they have an actual W A R C H E S T

$2.2m, nine years, plus favourable trade deals with Ceylon and Kampuchea


Who would everyone rather have? Parker or Shiel?


Either for me


Bingo! My thoughts exactly.


At their best probably Parker - he’s a genuine match winner. I think there’s reason to believe Shiel could be a more important piece of the puzzle & for longer.


Be ecstatic with either.


I like how anybody puts any credence into anything journalists say at all when it comes to trade speculation, whether its positive or negative for us.


Just blitz things


Given his track record last year with Stringer, and that it’s the same player manager this time around, I think it’s reasonable to think he might be getting some info from Connors. Mischievous or otherwise, he’s being fed.


fed, but for what purpose?

at the end of the day its all just speculation. all of it.


You see, it’s not beyond the realms that info concerning players changes daily given various leaks from differing sources. Good on Browne for sticking his neck out and giving people the “latest” rumours irrespective of their accuracy. At least he’s doing something. Last year during the height of the Stringer saga he stuck his neck out when there was all sorts of cr_p flying about. Not sure why people are so intent on bagging the bloke? You can ignore him you know


With Stringer it was obvious he had a good source because he was at the cafe when Jake met TBC and Hooker. This year he seems to be more guessing, possibly because no-one, including Shiel, actually know if he’s going or staying.


Anyone who Connors manages Browne will know about.

Whether being fed real or fake news however you don’t know.


All being equal (money, picks/players to give up) I’d choose Parker.


Whilst Shiel is more dynamic.

I think as far as being stronger in contest, tackling intent, more creative by hand including under physical heat and better ability when fwd/overhead I’d go Parker also.