Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


If we get Wingard, I dub him “reverse wanganeen”


No player consistently influences outside of top 5. The word I missed was consistent but thought over 12 weeks was reasonable to assume. I’ve seen him dominate, but not often enough.
I wouldn’t waste our first or our trade strategy on him.
I could have been clearer from the get go, apologies. I did enjoy the conversation though.


I often question that, time will tell. He’s playing in a horrible team.


Me too.

Wingard is legit in my 5 favourite players who dont wear black and red. He is also in my draft supercoach team in my keeper league so I watch him fkn closely, particularly at clearances.

His movements at stoppages are similar to Heppells, he hits the ball on the move. I am biased though.


Wingard would be fantastic, but I’m not holding my breath. Him and Wallis would be a great set, rotate them, Stringer, Walla and Raz through the midfield and forward line, we’d be using lots less rotations and bat soooo deep in the midfield.


So…er…what did Nixon actually tweet?


How much will he make us better? He actually fits in well to that 3rd small option fwd need.
However I wouldn’t get too carried away when the cost of first rounder and trade strategy is probably more suited to pure midfielder.
I question the importance of Wingard, which makes Walla third string behind Fantasia and himself. Laverde or Begley no matter how dominant would be difficult to challenge one of the other three to be dropped. Unless you play a 4th and go one less in the midfield? My opinion that’s not a great decision, but could definitely be argued and be persuaded.



I reckon he’d instantly be in our best 3 mids.

And the equal of Heppell on the inside.

Wingard is a victim of his own flexibility and Robbie Gray.

Put Wingard as a pure mid and I reckon he could be huge


Ok I see, we’re seeing it from different angles.
You think he can provide the endurance and defensive aspects of playing midfield? Do you see him providing what he has or improve besides let’s say Heppell and Merrett? He has better support at Port than if with us so he has to defend and win the ball more so on his own with us.


People were saying similar things about Dev Smith last year. Wingard at the very least would be our second best small forward and would allow Fantasia more time up the ground; if he did prove himself a midfielder then he would be in our top 3 midfielders, improving us inside and outside the contest with an ability to hit lace out passes to the forwards whilst hitting the scoreboard himself.



Out of the plethora of players mentioned in this thread Wingard is top of the pile. WANT.




Do Orazio and TIPPA turn up on this day too?


I had to use an older portrait photo of him.


Below is a great highlights package somebody made.


if i had to nominate a “highly paid , highly over-rated player who we actually dont need” candidate, Wingard would be just about top of the list.

Be nice to screw over Port but I have zero trust in him being interested in being the best he can be.

Much rather invest in the South Australian draft talent with pick 8 than give Port more access to it…



All good, however free agency occurs before trade period doesn’t it?
This scenario worked last year when Stringer wanted to be traded to us but Jackets out smarted the Doggies and and used our earlier pick for Smith???

*I stand corrected if this is incorrect.


Isn’t Federer nice in hits little dons jumper


You’ve gotten jaded man.
Good stuff.