Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


These finals can’t finish early enough. They really do get in the way of all our fun.


Not really. Part of the fun is dicussing random players and roumors that they all want to come to Essendon.


BLITZ is off jumping at shadows, based on a couple of tweets from such a reliable source and all round good bloke, Ricky Nixon.

I love this time of year.

Just to bring things back to reality, can we please just focus on us getting GAFF, SHEIL and PARKER. None of this speculation about ungettable players.


Notwithstanding that Swans categorically shat on the premise that he’d be traded under any circumstances…


No. The two periods overlap.


they do overlap but FA starts earlier.


Friday, 5 October: Restricted free agency offer and unrestricted free agency period starts.
Monday, 8 October 10am: NAB AFL Trade Period starts.
Friday, 12 October 5pm: Close of restricted free agency offer and unrestricted free agency period.
Monday, 15 October 2pm: AFL restricted free agency matching offer three-day period ends.
Wednesday, 17 October 8.30pm: NAB AFL Trade Period closes (for exchange of players).
Friday, 16 November 2pm: NAB AFL Trade Period closes (for exchange of selections only).


The scenario being suggested has never happened IIRC nor would it, it’s basically screwing over the outgoing f/a’s current club and players don’t tend to want to do that

Gaff isn’t going to exercise right to F/A and then have EFC wait for us to trade our first rounders out and then Disco say oh well WC either take compo now or whatever scraps we have left

In a way Dodoro did similar last year playing clubs off against each other for pick 11 but the F/A situation very different


So? Players can choose when they nominate within the period.


Getting Wingard would almost be like saying, we don’t actually need a player of his type, but you wouldn’t reject getting him if he was available. At his best he is class, but he needs to focus on winning the ball rather than playing for frees.

Last year it was pretty transparent what type of player we were after. It was reported we were chasing Johanissen from the Dogs, Zak Jones from Sydney, even Jasper Shittard from Port. Clearly we were after a running defender, and eventually we got Adam Saad. This year the players we have reportedly had interest in. Gaff, Shiel, Parker, Wallis. We are obviously looking at midfielders. Wingard isn’t in that bracket. He’d be a luxury signing, but I would be focusing on the aforementioned quartet before looking at The Chad.


Checked blitz last night around 5 and we were all in on Parker.

Check blitz this morning at 8 and we are all in on Wingard.

Fark me


Have all these people were getting bought a gated community in Essendon to cohabitate


And if you check the War Room we are all into Shiel.


Through the same source who has a contact on high at Carlton - he has a solid connection to a certain player manager at the suburban footy club in the eastern suburbs.

Unsolicited, he told me this player manager has said that the interest in Wingard is “massive”- he is viewed as a silky skilled midfielder who can push forward “…and there are not many of those around…”.

There are three clubs very interested in him.

Presumably one is us from all the scuttlebut. The second is yes, St.Kilda, who have thrown a massive offer at him. The Saints have thrown massive offers at three players - Shiel, Hannaberry, Wingard - exepcting they will only land one of them.

I wasn’t told who the thrid club is.

The thing is, Wingard doesn’t really want to go, but the numbers being thrown at him are massive and has made him think about leaving.

My opinion is the “interstate star player under contract” we are targeting is in fact Wingard and not Shiel or Parker.

My opinion on Parker is that is a) too old at 27 and b) vastly over-rated - has failed multiple times on the big stage at the MCG in September in recent years.


Our goal kicking this year was won on 30, Mark freaking Baguley came third kicking less goals than his age, we just delisted our only depth in that position with any meaningful AFL experience, and Wingard is a player type we don’t need?

Discussions about attitude, quality, etc are all totally fair game, and there’s currently no reason to believe there’s any genuine interest from either party, but I personally wouldn’t struggle to find a spot in the team for him.


It’s Hawthorn.


He’s 25, turning 26 next month. I also thought he was a bit older than he in fact is.


that’s what happens when your two best forwards spend half the season on the sidelines with injury and you stuff royally the 1st 2 months of the season.


That Wingard likes flying, and he is thinking of a trip to Melbourne.


Sure on the first part, but I don’t think “we played like total ■■■■ for two months” is a particularly great defense of our quality.