Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Sliding doors dweeb indicated there is a lot of player unrest at Swans

Parker might well be required player in Swans eyes but if there is an unhappy player at odds with coach and hierarchy then never know


Delisting Johnston won’t go down too well with the playing group, you’d think!


I think the text was misread… it was actually

“Parker pen seen in a jacket at TVSC… if this is yours please collect it at lost and found”


With Hannebery gone, Horse would throw Parker on the ball 100% and he would be next to get beaten up. Parker at Essendon would play as a mid/forward and have a longer career and some chance of having a functional body on retirement.


there comes a point though… theyre a footy club, not a rehab facility


Oh I agree.

But it still will hurt the players you’d think. Given their reaction when he hurt himself against the Dees.


yeah no doubt itd sting


But they’ve got to be realistic! 6 reco’s. They should keep him around in some sort of coaching, development or welfare gig. He’d get one somewhere, just to show kids how quickly the whole dream can evaporate.

And he seems a decent bloke despite having gone to Xavier (didn’t he?).


Parker’s contracted. Having lost a couple already there is no way they’ll let him go.


someone posted on Twitter they saw Goddard meeting with Carlton officials. Only for everyone to point out he’s full of it as Goddard is
Overseas. Even Goddard told him it’s fake.


Yeah but if you look at the rest of the thread, it was a joke.

They said someone who wore number 18 during the 2010 grand final.

They were actually referring to Razor Ray.


Johnson has been offered a development role at Sydney. They have looked after him pretty well IMO


is that real??? that guy is a massive goose


With Condello goneski, I could easily envisage Mike Fitzpatrick as the new ‘money man’ of the Carlton Crew. Frisk Razor for any fat envelopes.


honestly think they would be mature enough to understand the delisting. as many have said, we all know what a cut-throat industry this is


Sydney and Johnson would have privately at least conceded that re-injuring himself is a very real possibility and would have had discussions about what would happen next if it came to pass.

Well done Sydney for supporting Johnson since 2013. I’m sure it won’t stop now.


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Radio rumour Dodoro meeting with Luke Parker. Essendon is at a management / planning off site. Dodoro there. So definitely / currently not in progress. Rumour mill semi crazy this time of year.


Essendon and off site arent words I like to see next to each other anymore


Might not be true but it’s gets the speculators all tingly.


But Parker didn’t meet him onsite according to the rumour?