Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Yes the text said it was onsite.


Can anyone post the actual text? I thought @Tippa-the-Iceberg said it was at a bar?


This is hilarious.
Browne getting salty that everyone else has figured out that, hey, they can just make ■■■■ up too.


How can anyone post a text that was sent to SEN and read out on air?

I heard what was read out and the person who sent it said he was working in tullamarine and saw Parker with Dodoro at the club.

It’s just BS and won’t be the last load of BS we see.


“You should be aware that everything is bullshit. Except my bullshit.”


The difference of course is that sports journos don’t make stuff up, someone else does, tells them, and then they report it without vetting against multiple sources.


The Purple Flog claims he won’t run with anything unless he has it vetted with multiple sources.




I won’t believe anything until it’s confirmed by both Trade whisperer and Trade shouter.




PADDY McCARTIN#whispers understands the former No.1 pick has been discussed in a potential Hannebery deal with the Swans.

It is unclear which party proposed the deal.

Saints fans, how do you feel?

Swans fans, does a McCartin brothers FWD line excite you?#AFLTrades #AFL

— AFL Trade Whisperer (@AFLTradeWhisper) September 13, 2018


What about the tradetalkatareasonablevolumererer?


What about UpCooneyFarkPort ?


Thanks. That’s all I was after - someone posting what was said in the text.


There in the war room???


At this time of year, I treat all these trade rumor sightings of players/list managers meeting up (which sets off a chain reaction of gossip), as just like Elvis sightings.


Elvis would count as a Cat B rookie, so there is that…


I have been working my sources hard.

I have just been told that at the Dubbo Western Plains Zoo a person that may/may not have been a Brisbane player was standing near the Roo exhibit.

Make of that what you will.

I have not yet verified this.


Question might get through to a few people, but dogs and cats can neither read, nor operate a mobile phone


Possibly. What volume does he work at?