Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Only at extremes


Surely there is a separate category for the deceased


Gaffy the boxing kangaroo


i was told it was Joey standing there, suggestions he wanted to be closer to family


No. That doesn’t excite me one bit. Junior McCartin is the one you want. Senior McCartin looks to be headed in the same direction as Stephen Hooper. Send him to Freo for their 1st rounder then on-trade it to Sydney for D Hannebery.


Like Trade Sign language?


P McCartin is The Human Tree reincarnated.


He has one source.


As Collingwood supporters used to argue with Anthony Rocca.
“Nah, he’s alright… because he takes a Key defender”



Info coming from a close family member is that salary cap issues are the reasons for shiel getting pushed out and if he does leave it is to the bombers


There is only one question we can influence.

Can we, ffs , out do the saga thread?



Eaten any raw onions lately tone?



Will refrain from commenting until confirmation from Up Cooney fark Port


Parker says yes he was in Melbourne, but only to see the famous St Pauls Cathedral, and he tried to see the Dandenongs, but it was too muddy there, so he went back to Tullamarine.


There was a parker and a jacket in a wardrobe together. Parker says to jacket; “What you up to”? Jacket replies; “Nothing much, just hanging around.”



It sounds rushed like hes trying to cover up something


Last 2 key forwards from the saints went alright at the swans.

Plugger and Bazza