Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Or he may be totally full of $hit like the rest of them and not worth earspace.
A couple on here are the only ones worth listening to. And even then the situation can change 5 mins later.
Kay Sarah.


Afl Stewart


Flamin galah


Negative. Some of these players have had the contracts there for a while. Just ironing out other details


Oh la la


Was just about to post. Wonder if true or hes pulling the leg


Message received… cheers.




Ricky Mott


Everyone has a smart phone these days…and yet, no one ever thinks to take a photo of these purported meetings.


Ricky’s not at all concerned at missing out on taking a pic of Disco and Parker, but he is super bummed at failing to capture his moment with Elvis last week.


Scrolled through 500 posts just to get to the Friday post liquid lunch trade rumours.
They’re always quality.


Parker in a cafe with Disco

Wingard at Woosh’s house

Oh boy

Bring them in!


Toot ■■■■■■■ toot !!!


Impeccable as usual !


I saw Nathan Jones this morning having a coffee in his black luxury 4 x 4 with Disco.
I believe it was Patrick Hernandez’s, Born to be Alive.


Welcome to Essendon
Luke Parker
Dylan Sheil
Chad Wingard.

Is that about right??
■■■■■■ hell Blitz, go and enjoy the weekend.


And Jack Billings and Will Setterfield.


I hope we get Lady Penelope too.


I had a very reliable sauce on my meat pie