Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Oh you’re taking the pi55 too. Phew. I was worried there for a sec


Parker isn’t even in Melbourne… I think Chicken is trying to stay relevant.


Guy can’t use apostrophes correctly, do not not want


Puke Larker


I also love that you felt the need to look for proof that Ricky Nixon is a liar. I mean what else could you rely upon in support of that position?


Friday is sunny?


Hearing Wallis’s coming to Essendon:

Then hearing Gaffs’s coming to Essendon:

Also reading we’re certs for Shiels:

Meeting with Parker also:

Then ontop of that Wingard is ours::




Also Vince’s face when looking at Roman


Hawks getting knocked out in straight sets tonight will not do us any harm getting players we are both after. Go Dees



But he said I was the only one he told!


Although the longer they’re in the worse draft pick they have for currency.


Chicken who cried wolf


Are we getting:

  1. Liam Shiels


  1. More than one Dylan Shiel


Sydney’s only an hour away. Looks like a smokescreen to me. :call_me_hand::wink:

  1. Brooke Shields?


4 Agents of Shield? (@Riolio will be happy)


Dalkon Shield


I guess it’s pretty serious.