Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Jerk Farker.




Ffs. I’m done with Trade news.

I usually come on here to get an update from trusted blitzers who have good networks with people at the club and the AFL industry.

But honestly with the amount of trolls joining blitz and spreading vial from fake AFL trade Twitter accounts I’m giving it a rest for a month.


You’ll be back before then.


Our midfield is going to be amazballs!!!


It is a little suss with all these sudden newbies posting twitter feeds.

Does @Riolio know who they might be?


Guy at work gets relatively good info and said yesterday that Joe is still a long long way off, middle of next season type time frame, might explain the resigning of Jimmy and Smack




Should be able to squeeze Zerrett, Smith, Hepp and McGrath in… Maybe.


This is more like Trade A Current Affair, to be honest.


Alex jones infowars.



Pole dancer


No disrespect to your mate but I find that hard to believe. Not because it’s not plausible, but because the recovery from OP can be extremely variable and there’s no way they could definitively anticipate how his recovery will be going in 3mths time, let alone 9.


Your avatar needs changing. Quick! To the DJ thread!


Would only take me one song, two at the most, to get a new one!


That’s a bit random.


Standards have softened massively. Get back in there!

Edit: should have said “standards”


Not if you are the pole


Not to my knowledge.