Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Spoke to him in june (daniher) and he said he was 3 weeks away. Definatly thought that was a load of crap - and it turned out it was


His sock


You left out Ellis!!


Ellis is meh.

Not even best 22


Can we add Viney to the list of players we want but won’t get. Oh, and can we have Melksham back.


Just spotted Luke Dahlhaus drunk in a taxi, shouting “we are Geelong” repeatedly… definitely the roguest thing I’ve seen heading home from the footy. At least he’s committed…

Trade Discussion 2018 thread #2: Shiel or no Shiel? SHIEL

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I fkin hate Melb now!


Just the type they need there. He’s got all the contacts for nose beers


Surprised no one has mentioned Martin left training early to meet up with Jackets. Realistic relative to this thread.


I’m calling bullshit on this one. Everyone knows the kangaroos are free range at that zoo.


I will add to this knowing we have made contact with Melbourne’s Vandenberg.
Not sure on the feed back but at a guess we would’ve been laughed at


…and that he wants to leave the Tigers for less coin as he is suffering severe pocket tendonitis from carrying around such a heavy wallet.



Well,guess if the Pies get up
tonight, hopefully all players intending to ask for a trade,do so in next couple weeks.

Then this place with explode!


Scully now, this rumours of Essendon is awesome.

Clearly we have somebody up our sleeves and nobody can figure out who it is. And it’s killing them so they are just throwing darts at a list of players and going nuts


Where was this reported?


That’s what I think as well. It’s glorious




It was some AFL insider trade page.
Hardly as credible as toot toot or the trade whisperer


Barrett also included it in his sliding doors