Trade Discussion 2018 thread #3 - just 13.5 hours more of Trade Radio


For every Pyke, there’s a Cupido, a Lovett, a Hislop and a Reimers


I don’t see anything in that article as a problem to be honest. His having a few beers and getting a silly haircut in the off season. He was having fun with a fan after the game pretending to be a cricketer. Again what’s the problem.


Well if the DJ thread is anything to go by, I think the +35 have had there day in the sun so to speak.


If I was Burton, I’d be demanding the dorks double my salary (which they’d have to pay) before I agreed to move. fark 'em.






Fark Hawthorn. They are a bunch of ■■■■■■, and they have the audacity to call themselves the family club.


If Wingard is a lazy trainer and burton leaves angry Clarko could loose the group. Playing with fire is Clarko.


Put it this way, I’m in the 35plus group only just. I really don’t find anything in that article that loose. It’s an end of year footy trip ffs.


Agreed he’s a different unit. Look we probably won’t get him but the way some carry on gee. SEE Martin Pike a mad loose unit. Wonder if North or Brisbane regretted the decision to pick him up for those off you that brought up Lovett. Calculated risk. Risk worth taking with libba in my opinion.


If he didn’t loose them when Lewis was pushed out the door he’s not going to over burton.


Ah well, can’t complain at all. We got Shiel after all! :grin:


A few questions mate if I can.

Is the trade taking longer because more than 1 player is involved in trade with GWS?


Also is there anything in the Menegola rumour or is that a blitz thing?


Are we in discussions re a Sam Menegola trade @fogdog?

I’d be far happier with Sam than Libba


The Wingard deal has been on the cards for a while:


Re. the Libba trade rumours…

Has anyone heard of the story about the tortoise and the hare?


Got rid of Mitchell, Lewis and Hodge, and everyone worship him by spinning it on how great it was. No one will blink for Burton.

He had a bad season anyway.


Smooth shared that one last night.


Absolutely bizarre from the Hawks. They spent the year shuffling Burton around, destroying good form and lowering his value. Then apparently they still give him up along with a first round pick for Wingard!

I get that their forward line was dysfunctional but not sure Wingard is the answer and certainly not at that price.


Neither as far as I know.