Trade Discussion 2018 thread #3 - just 13.5 hours more of Trade Radio






No badge for that either.


Long overdue


The last thing we need is Libba coming to the club and getting Stringer off track with all the progress he has made over the last 12 months.


Somebody’s thrown in the towel and deleted all their whispers :joy::joy:


Keep up, we’re getting Scully now


this is a lovely story that will lead to nocturnal emissions during sleep


Agree, we’be been waiting for Jake to perform.


I see what you did there


If they really are AFL junior journos, they may have been shut down after their tweets about Essendon and particularly Dodoro.

And so they should be.


whats it called?


Go @benfti, put in your orders for two short blacks and a macchiato :blush:


But, most importantly, can we still buy the t-shirts?


Davey brothers are too young


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I’ll tell you if we get it done. would rather be the only one being hunted if the milk goes bad


Scully in Essendon jumper please!!! Need new material.


the big question is who will clean up the reminants of wanderlust when she explodes