Trade Discussion 2018 thread #3 - just 13.5 hours more of Trade Radio


So if Saints get TBC are we going for Shiel/Lobb?




Lobb doesn’t want to Ruck.


If we were going to part with TBC, we would have made a play for Preuss.


“He said, ‘I will stay at Geelong or go to West Coast’. But I don’t want to go to a club down the bottom of the ladder because Geelong is a good club.”

From a non-paywalled article on the same topic


He is an arrogant flog and shouldn’t be picky if he is that keen to go home.


I think you’ll find that Belly is very keen to remain a one club player. Ignore the outside noise. Sounds like pure BS to me.


Don’t think anyone is taking it seriously JR.


Both from port melb, and tend to hang around the same joint.
Wouldn’t read much into it


Jolly good then. As you were. :sunglasses:


There is a lot of back pedalling there from his manager who earlier had apparently advised him not to go to Freo as they supposedly aren’t a good club

Now he’s putting it back on Kelly’s choice about simply preferring to be at a successful club

Frankly the Cats are probably happy to keep him for next year, they want to have a crack while Ablett there, Hawkins & Selwood 30+ etc



Toot toot


Is that a no?


a big 100% yes


Ding is a Master when it comes to humouring fools & how to keep an Idiot in suspense.


Dicky Rixon strikes again.


What’d he say???
What’d he say???


Out of interest what do we think his actual value would be ?

*Not a suggestion we are or should trade him


Probably a nice pair of pastel capris.