Trade scenarios to land Stringer, post Saad and Smith?


That’s a very left field offer but I think I like it.

It’s getting them better value for Stringer than the pick 19/20 but also putting it back in their corner to rise up ladder again (which they would absolutely expect to do) and thus get best value overall from the trade.

And if you say they have a highly rated f/s coming then will use points for him anyway. Position of their 2018 1st rounder or even having one somewhat irrelevant to them if West is a top 10 pick.


Agree totally Aceman, I suspect that will be the deal, Dodoro is just working the angles trying to find alternative solutions


Makes Stringer worth ~ 13 Fairy Dust points.


Someone told me who knows.


Someone I know who knows the one that told you that, told me he was kidding you.


Should we get a dedicated negotiator for the trade period. One of those nice sales ladies.


Absolutely a possibility. Those saying the Dogs wouldn’t part with next years 1st rounder probably don’t realise it’ll be wasted on Scott Wests boy Father/son anyway.

This way they get their pick 11 this year, and use the points left over of their picks and get West in the second round next year.

We can then assume we’ll finish higher than the dogs, keep the traded in dogs 1st rounder.

Trade next years essendon 1st rounder to GWS for Smith and pick 22.

Pick 22 for Saad.

Geez this trade business is easy eh.


Afternoon, just wondering if the club has completed any trades yet for the 3 individuals?

Pieces of fkn sh-t club.


any idea how likely this is to be credible? Surely it would interest the dogs.



wondering if we’ll get a trade done this decade?

regards, everyone.


Did we ever pick up that Zantuck fella?


I think this week is about assessing the best potential offer for our pick 11

We know that is our currency that is in demand and we can only use it once

We also know we can probably get any 2 of the 3 done easily

Its also very unlikely we get the 3 deals done in a straightforward manner some other clubs may need to be involved e.g. if WB have strong interest in some other player as we can then get involved in that maybe Bris and Schache for example

Most likely we would have been in a war room for a week plotting worst case scenarios and which iof the 3 we would be comfortable missing if it comes to that as a worst case

Don’t forget there is nothing happening at the moment not even simple deals being done so there is no way ours which are complicated will be done first up


Holy cow. If that works…wow.

I tell you what if we have and the Dogs flat out refuse then you can bet the heat they will cop for that.


Was said on TR earlier today that other clubs could come after pick 11 which would help us get the 3 deals done.


Looks good but wouldn’t it mean only one of Saad or Smith if we were keeping our 2018 first?


Many seem to be coming up with complex scenarios to obtain an end of first / beginning of second round pick to secure Smith - while I am very keen to see Smith brought in, I just think that this is entirely unnecessary and this year’s (or if we trade it in another deal, next year’s) second rounder will get it done. This will be the easiest of our three trades, imo. He is uncontracted and GWS - who are generally reasonable traders - need him off the books.

Remember that GWS have already offered 23 and Smith for 11 - that values Smith at a pick around the mid-thirties in the AFL’s magic beans system.


We’d still have the Bulldogs 2018 1st to play with, plus our 2018 2nd.


No we giving up our 2018 2nd in that trade.

For the other two SS’s prob likely trade our own 2018 1st to GC banking on a rise up ladder, and then get Saad and 23. And send 23 to GWS for smith.

Should really result in us having a better 2018 1st than we would have ourselves to start.


ah right, yes my mistake


Can we trade our 2018 first if have already traded out 2018 second? Isn’t there some limit on the future picks you can trade or does it not apply in this case because we’re getting the Bulldogs 2018 first?