Trade scenarios to land Stringer, post Saad and Smith?


There is. But we have two 2018 1st’s at that point before the trade. Our own and Dogs.

Fairly certain Hawks did that with a 2nd rounder in the JOM trade. Got someone else’s then traded their own. After already handing over their 17’ 1st.


I see, so we’re all good as long as we go into the 2018 draft with a first round pick - doesn’t matter if it’s the Bulldogs one rather than our own


I like it.

Good to see we are getting creative.


Man cant wait to see Smith,Stinger,Saad officially unveiled at Tullamarine in Essendon polos.


Hahaha you crack me up!


11, 29, 47 to Lions for 18 and 19. It works on points and picks for Lions. 2 in the top 11 plus enough points for Ballenden. That said, it’s complicated by the Charlie Cameron situation.

18 to Dogs.
19 to GWS.
Next year’s 2nd and steak knives player to GC.



At a level, it feels like it would be relatively easy if we pay overs. I’d have thought Suns would (should) accept #28 for Saad, given Melksham/Hibberd/Tuohy’s costs. I would think GWS would accept our 2018 second rounder. And Dogs would accept our #11 (and said they’d give something back, presumably #44, which could go to GWS to sweeten that deal). Yes, its probably overs but it gets it done.

So I feel like we should be able to get the deal done with an “at worst” cost of approximately our 2017 1st & 2nd rounders and our 2018 2nd rounder.

The question goes, is one of the teams radically valuing their player differently, or are we trying to reduce the cost, or is it all funnybuggers? For example, I find Aceman’s SEN proposal weird - its effectively Stringer for 2 seconds and a swap of first rounders. If the Bulldogs will do that, why not just two second rounders straight up? Then #11 to GCS for Saad and #23, #23 off for Smith, and we’re back to the original price I quoted. Just switching #11 for Bulldog’s 2018 first.

Or is a player really going? I hope its not Colyer, he’s played much better footy than he did this year and plenty of the returning players have been down.


We have to want two players that come from the two worst clubs to trade with.
Fark me


One interesting thing Wells said - the Cats had no interest in Stringer as #20 (now #21) won’t be enough. So he obviously rates Stringer a little higher (or considers that the Bulldogs will demand more). Many here seem to assume #19 will get Stringer, that implies that is likely wrong.


Really hope Dogs take that SEN offer if legit

If the end result is we lose:

Pick 11, 29 & our 2018 2nd

But gain:

Stringer, Smith & Saad
with added bonus of likely improving our 2018 1st

Then that’s an unbelievable job by Disco


I agree, although I fail to see how we improve our 2018 1st. Isn’t it untouched? Or are we trading that rather than the Doggies’ 1st for one of Saad/Smith and the early second rounder to get the other?

Are we sure the Doggies will finish below us?



I’m making assumption we will finish higher & so trade off our 2018 1st to GC for Saad & 23 (Smith)

Dogs losing a 50 goal forward & match winner in Stringer. Cloke physically & mentally cooked. Crameri being traded it seems. Boyd inconsistent.

They struggle to kick goals as is so unless they have multiple targets lined up as forwards I can’t see how they will improve to finish higher than us.


Hmm, good points. The question is whether they will go with it.

I’m assuming the plan if that deal goes through is that we “upgrade” our #11 to a 2018 first for Gold Coast, they accept the Saad & #19 for a 2018 first, and we on-trade #19 to GWS for Smith. Maybe with a 3rd or 4th rounder in there somewhere. So the question is, would they consider our 2018 1st an upgrade on #11 this year?

The more I think about this, the more it seems a realistic option if the Bulldogs are really interested in that base deal. And that depends entirely on how they rate West it seems.


Dodoro may have bitten off more than he can chew.



Let’s say Dogs expect to make finals as non negotiable, you’d think internally it would be.

That gives them a pick between 11-18

If West is a top 10 talent then trading their 2018 1st would make sense as going to have to spend it on him anyway. Better to just make it up with points.

I have no idea what West is rated as however, but you’d imagine he’d be a gun given pedigree and the fact Dad has continued being a football coach.


Even if west is rated as second rounder, im sure we could find alot of interest at our first pick.


It will happen 100%


■■■■■■ hope so.


It’s a ■■■■■■■ rollercoaster with you.


Welcome to trade week enjoy the ride the buddy.