Trade scenarios to land Stringer, post Saad and Smith?


If they’re not prepared to give us this year’s second back for 11 I’m not sure they’re likely to give us next year’s first for the addition of 2 second rounders by us but hey, ask the question


Does someone what to run the points on that deal assuming we both finish top 6


It’s not the points that are at stake, its that they have a highly touted Father Son next year (West). So, IF the Bulldogs thought that West will wipe their 2018 first, then its gone anyway. If you say both their 2018 first, versus ours & their seconds is about the same in points to buy (and if we finish 5th and they finish 7th, the difference is 50 odd points) then both pre/post draft they have the points for West.

The difference then becomes effectively gaining #11 and #30, and losing their 2018 second rounder. So they’re losing Stringer for #11 and a swap of second rounders (2018 to 2017).

So IF they think West will wipe their 2018 first, it becomes a pretty decent deal for them.


THE AGE OCTOBER 11 2017 - 7:32PM

Dons work on new deal: Essendon close in on Jake Stringer
Michael Gleeson and Peter Ryan

Essendon have proposed a new arrangement in which they give up their first three picks in the draft and net all three of their trade targets.
Under the plan Essendon would give the Bulldogs their first- and third-round selections (picks 11 and 46) and in return the Dogs give them Jake Stringer and their second round pick, currently selection 26.
The Bombers would then have picks 26 and 28, which they would seek to use as part of trades for Devon Smith and Adam Saad.
The Dogs are considering the deal but are reluctant to part with more than Stringer for the Bombers’ pick 11.


A deal has also been raised with Richmond to trade two picks in the 20s to the Tigers for the second of their first-round draft selections at pick 17.
Under that deal GWS would trade Smith and their pick 23 to Essendon for pick 11. Essendon would then trade picks 23 and 28 to Richmond for 17 and the Dons would aim to pass pick 17 on to the Dogs for Stringer.


Buddy you need to give yourself a break.


The Richmond trade doesn’t make sense points wise. We give up way too much.

24 + 47 (after they are pushed back 1 due to Rockliff compo) for 17 is closer to the mark.


That would leave us with a Saad issue though unless GC prepared to accept 2018 2nd


The Richmond deal also doesn’t leave us with anything to get Saad, right?


On a side note for this, some values for what pick #30 and a second rounder in 2018 are worth in points:

Finish 4th: ~ pick #13
Finish 6th: ~ pick #12
Finish 8th: ~ pick #11 to #12
Finish 10th: ~ pick #10 to #11

So depending on how you rate #11 into a 2018 Bulldog’s first rounder, the deal seems fair. And great if West is a gun.


I don’t think the intermediate stages really matter. If we give up our first and second for Stringer and Smith, richmond doing well out of it isn’t our concern.


One thing this trade period told me is any player can.come up at any time.

I would only trade next year’s 1st and that’s years first if it was a 10 year jet of the competition type of player.

Eg. Treloar and O’meara and in a heartbeat Josh Kelly if he had of been available.

Nah its right strategy to stick to this year’s draft. We are strongest on the talent in it and know the guys up for trade. I’m comfortable that these three aren’t the.magic bullet for a flag and we might be active next year as well.

We should nail down Smith and Saad. Our first trade should be to take 11 off the table by turning it into two early seconds or late firsts. All clubs say that’s correct weight for&S. That means dealing with Richmond or Brisbane.

Now Rockcliff has gone through we should be hopefully getting some sort of deal done.

Even if we.cant get Stringer for 18/19 we will get Smith and still be in the first round. That’s a win.

Connors and Stringer are taking up too much air.

Deal with Brisbane,Sun’s and Giants.


If we end up with 26 and 28 for smith and saad, who gets which one? GC and GWS will both be pushing for 26 (assuming 26 and 28 will in fact get the deals done)


26 Saad. Contracted.
28 Smith, uncontracted. Could lose PSD for zip.

We perhaps may try use our future 2nd and one of 26/28 to get higher pick off someone though. Richmond for example.


Is it just me or do both of those deals only get us only stringer and smith?

Edit : The second deal doesn’t. The first deal gives us pick 26 and 28 which won’t be enough for Smith and Saad going by reports

Personally I’d rather not shaft GWS as they seem reasonable to deal with


I’ve just scrolled through 100’s of the trade scenarios for ‘SSS’ and this one makes most sense.


It was a thought bubble that potentially works.

But apparnelty the Dogs are leaning towards the 11 and 47 option in exchange for Stringer and 26.


I like the sound of it, but 26 and 28 alone will surely not land Saad and Smith.


Future 2nd and 28 packaged together for late 1st round, onto GWS for Smith. Or 28 and future 2nd straight to GWS.

26 to GC for Saad. Seriously, he’s not worth more than that.


Except if we still had 29 we could trade it to GC for Saad. 47 won’t do it.


True, but if richmond dont want 47 because it’s a junk pick, they’re not going to do the trade just because “the points add up”.