Trade scenarios to land Stringer, post Saad and Smith?


I think we can get all 3 done easily, But it looks like we are trying to get all 3 done as cheap as possible, This annoys me.

Our list is in a position where we can take risks, Port did it by trading out future picks last year and basically forfeited this draft and now look like getting Rockliff, Motlop and Watts.

Stringer, Saad, Smith and 2 2nd rounders over the next 2 years at a minimum is a pretty talented group.


Not a single trade has happened from ANY club. This isn’t us. It’s the entire league waiting for the first domino to fall.

Chillax people.


According to scotty lucas, nothing much is being done because theres still 7 days to go. If the trade period was one week, we would have lots of action by now.


Dogs in: Pick 8, out pick 26 + Stringer
Saints: in Laverde, 23 out pick 8
Gws in 11 26 out smith 23, 25
Suns in 25, 46 out Saad 37

Efc In stringer, Smith, Saad, 37
Out 11, 28, 46, Laverde


No Lav for saints


Just reading some of the purported scenarios the club has supposedly thrown up, I’m really pleased we are being genuinely creative.


You realise they chose us, right?


Shafting gws is not investing in.our Josh Kelly future.


Yes I know. Dodoro is dreaming he can land all 3 with just 11&28 next year picks or players have to come into play.


“The bulldogs are reluctant to part with anything more than Stringer” . May just be the wording of the journo, but that seems a subtle shift from yesterdays flat refusal.


Do you know what he’s thinking? Or are you just reading opinions as fact?


Just my opinion.


Word is Dogs are seriously considering the 11 and 47 for Stringer and 26 offer.


So you’re stating your opinion as fact.


No but I do wonder if Dodoro figured out if we would had enough currency before we targeted all 3 players


Yes you are. That’s exactly what you’re doing.


We’ve got more currency than we need

Starting point however is offering least amount though which is the best option for the club. Same as the opposing clubs try to get most amount for their player. It’s a negotiation


One week ago we were reluctant to part with pick 11. Looks like we’re finding some middle ground.


Cant wait for trade period to be over with the end result (hopefully) getting the Tipple S


Mods I am going to continue to post this until well can settle a trade

Sorry, not sorry