Trade scenarios to land Stringer, post Saad and Smith?




Because the items in his possession, represent the SSS



Anyone remember the story, dog with a bone crossing a bridge?



Personally, this package deal is the limit of what I am willing to offer. I think the points translate to pick 19 or so, but all the clubs know that the inclusion of pick 11 makes it more valuable than that…let’s say it’s worth 16 in a shallow draft.

Most importantly, I think it gives Connors-Stringer enough basis to campaign for release.


I would think you target the players then worry about the deals later. I suspect they were targeting a group of players hoping one or two fell their way, then three did…


The nation is slowly grinding to a halt during trade week. My personal productivity has declined from barely adequate to un bearly inadequate.

Lucky I am self employed, or I would be sacked. I am thinking about giving myself a performance review and warning.

Won’t someone do something about these trades and get ithem done.

Think of the children.


Make sure it is a written warning so you cover yourself in the event of an unfair dismissal claim.


Dogs need to get their skates on or 11 will be gone

Hopefully all our early trade period posturing to trade off 11 elsewhere has been to get to point which see them do that noted trade.


Realistically it’s what’s going to have to happen. The Dogs want 11 as part of a deal, but they won’t send back 27 for nothing so we’ve got to add in the 3rd round pick. Forgetting the points though, in this draft that 3rd round pick ain’t worth much really so if they do that deal I see it as a good result for both parties, they get 11 and we get 27 back. Will still need to use a future pick to close out Smith and Saad but it’s the best way to get the deals done without moving players.


The dogs are dragging their heals a bit. It should take about 2 hrs to assess a trade and decide. I can understand the delay if we have out multiple options, but essentially it should be accepted pretty quick, with paperwork to follow allowing us to move in to the next one.


Ok one more.

11 to the dog’s for Stringer.
Next years first to gws for their earliest 2nd this year,next year and Smith.

ontrade now two 2nd rounders this year for Saad and their second next year which is bound to be low.

Rationale. If next year is a super draft it means its deep. Multiple hits in the second should be fine.

Deals get done. GWS get their first, Dogs get theirs Saad is fair weight.(effectively also keeps us almost in the first round). Suns on trade all their second rounders this season to their hearts content or draft heavy.

Back our boys to make finals again which makes our first in the teens anyway.


So confusing.
Suns don’t want Pick 11. We want to give it to them
GWS want Pick 11. We don’t want to give it to them
Dogs want Pick 11. We don’t want to give it to them


yeah but the dogs are doodle heads


also apparently we have offered it, but they dont want to give us anything back besides stringaling. would think we would need to give up a 2nd, 3rd rounder for their 2n round pick back to us


Smith: The Smith deal is a CRACKER for us. Thanks GWS.

Saad: GC already have 6 picks in the top 38 this year, with more picks coming for Ablett, so they will want a future second round. It’s a tight decision, but give them the GWS future second with the assumption that they will finish higher on the ladder than Essendon.

Stringer: 24+29=1438 points left…that’s a huge number of points to work with!..that’s worth between pick 9-10 in value…if anyone in the first round wants to swap out, we can comfortably satisfy them. Could have points left over and get something back. Happy to even go to the draft if WB remain pigheaded.


Agree. Fantastic deal for us. I thought 11 for Smith and 24 would be a great result, this is even better.


Awesome deal and should make the getting the other two guys a formality.


Can we remove Smith name from title as we have got him now.