Trade scenarios to land Stringer, post Saad and Smith?



In a good way. :slight_smile:


nah see, we trade smith to the dogs for stringer, then get him back with a 2nd round pick. trust.


Confusing tradespeak coming out of Geelong. They think Bulldogs price is too high ( correct) they think Melbournes price is too high, ( correct) they say Ablett deal not certain. ( bs???) They say they have capspace.

Sounds like bs and they are waiting to swoop after putting out disinformation… As soon as Bulldogs soften, they will be ready to swoop… Its a risk imo.


If Adelaide show any interest in Francis we might be able to do a pick 16 for Francis and one of our 4 seconds.
16 for Stringer


@Riolio we got your stats fantasy going.



Package 2x seconds for a late first and do the Stringer deal.


next years first round pick and this years second round (giants) for sringer and their 2018 second round pick

Next years second round pick (ours) for saad and their third round pick this year

Still leaves us with 2 second round picks in a strong draft which could potentially be packaged for a first round pick if we are desperate for a earlier pick.


If we do something like this I’d go after Adelaide’s or Melbourne’s 2018 1st. Probably Melbourne’s.


They were just saying on SEN that the draft for SA’s next year is amazing. Neither club would give up a first for next years draft.


what would they know?


Interesting to know. That makes the Lever deal even more impressive by Adelaide.


What compensation would Geelong receive for Motlop? If their indicative draft spot was 15 before they traded their first to Richmond last year would this mean they’d get a compo pick after that, namely 16? Or would it be an end of first round pick?


it would be 16. They won’t get that though.


Can confirm they are spot on. SA has a bumper crop next year, probably 2 of the top 5 and maybe 5-6 inside the first round


Might not be so interested in Francis then if it took all of 2018 to sort him out…


What are we offering for Saad…any chance a deal done today?.


29 apparently - sounds like that won’t do it,…at this stage


Not quite sure whether 600k qualifies as after-first rounder (ie 16) or end-of-first round.
And the AFL are (deliberately) very coy about specifying what criteria.


It’s also length of contract and B&F placings

He won’t be a first rounder.


29 (or our 2018 second) is a perfectly reasonable offer for Saad. While I acknowledge that the circumstances are different, we received around the same from Melbourne for Hibbo who is miles ahead of Saad. It will ultimately get it done, and if it doesn’t, I’d be inclined to walk away.