Trade scenarios to land Stringer, post Saad and Smith?


Yeah, would be happy with that, but we don’t know what number our 2018 pick will be, so risky


It will be a pick in the 20’s I expect us to move up the ladder next season.


Give our 2108 1st rounder to WB for Stringer and their 2018 2nd?
It would pretty much be a 2018 version of the offer where we were going to give them 2017 pick 11 for Stringer and their 2017 pick 26.
It would be a generous offer from us, given they baulked at the opportunity before, and the circumstance they now find themselves in.


No - do not touch our first rounder from next year. Deal can and will be done without including it. 4 second rounders more than enough to get Saad and Stringer.


“Prevaricated” is a big word for a communciation specialist…


Hoping the Saad deal gets done tomorrow with our future 2nd which then leaves us the rest of the trade period to get Stringer and satisfy the Dogs


This is going to become the new…“Give pick 11 & get it done”… “No, fk the dogs, don’t give pick 11…” For the next few days,… isn’t it.? :roll_eyes:


How can you satisfy something that can lick its own balls ?


That is why we swap 2 of our 4 seconders out for a 1st rounder this year. We then give the Dogs that first rounder.


Came out of the Pub with a mate one night & my dog, as always, was waiting, and in the process of giving the sack a good licking, and my mate said “I wish I could do that”… so I said,…“Give him a biscuit, & he might let you!” :smirk:


If we can get 15 from Richmond Bulldogs will take it. a 4 pick downgrade from 11.


No need to be greedy. Dogs can take 17 or a 2nd rounder.


He got it from Wallace and Grommit


By the same principle, if we did a RICH-ESS-GC three way deal, including players (Saad, perhaps Miles to GC) with the pick swaps, then that would also do the job of obscuring any point differentials.


I like it. I think the sticking point for GC is that they have repeatedly stated they are not interested in picks, they want players that can play from round one. Miles would be an excellent get for them. Problem is I heard Miles wants to stay a Tiger.


We’re not without some hope:


Id say to Gold Coast you can have one of 29, Bombers 2018 second or GWS 2018 second pick one. Bulldogs pick 24 and one of the remaining two that Gold Coast didn’t pick. Up to them to turn that into a first rounder if they like.


Being reported that Saad is close and will fall before the weekend hopefully. That was repeated by some Blitzers who are very well placed… which is good enough for me.

WIth Smith and Saad locked away… then we just sit back and wait for the Dogs to take our offer. Even if they hold him… I still reckon we have done very well with SS and not compromised our draft strategy long term. Very impressive.

If, ofcourse, we do get stringer (which I expect we will) then I really do feel this is the best trade period in my memory for EFC. Three young kids who have all played elite level footy at times… very happy!


With Impey falling for #33 plus 4th rounder and swap of late picks… that kinda gives some comparative value for mine. I would put Impey and Saad on a similar level trade wise.

So a pick around 26-30 should be enough imho.


I reckon Impey is bog average.

Saad is way better.