Trade scenarios to land Stringer, post Saad and Smith?


I would agree personally… and very glad that we are chasing Saad and not Impey but media and some analysts believe their output/potential is on the same level.

I’m sure we will pay a fair price but GC has a history of wanting more than fair…

In one way I’d love to trade out Pick 24… so that we can turn to dogs and say… well we have pick 28 available and thats it… we aren’t trading futures so take it or leave it.

Then have the AFL ‘mediation’ explain how they really have no choice because they don’t want to test the restraint of trade and duty of care clauses…

And I’m trying to remember what happened last time a trade including pick 28 between the dogs and us…


Yep, impey is a scania


Do you think the deal for Saad is already done and will be announced today or Monday so we get more media exposure over trade period?


Fark the Bulldogs get after Ablett and Saad


We might have a crack at Kennedy with these second rounders we are notching up


Might be tricky given we gave that 2018 3rd rounder to Giants…


Thought they meant Ess give 24
Ess Receive Saad + GWS 2018 3rd round pick


Yep… that’s what I intended to say.

We get their 2018 3rd round. Gets us back into that round of next years draft, aligned with a club that may end up towards the bottom of the ladder.


This whole ■■■■ the bulldogs commentary isn’t useful, the only thing that matters is we get the deals done. If we get Smith and Saad and Stringer goes to Geelong or back to Footscray then it’s a loss in my view. The Smith trade in isolation is excellent one but Stringer was worth every bit of pick 11 straight up, imo. Let’s see how it pans out but I’d hope that Dodoro isn’t playing an overly bold gambit for an extra second round selection + SSS when these trades should have been fairly easy to do. The media noise is meaningless.


Now that’s giving away future picks.



no hes not. he has several issues off-field that have derailed his previous 2 seasons. if he was playing great footy, hed be worth pick 11 and the doggies woouldnt be trading him. if were not willing to throw 11 at him, out recruitment team has identified his risk outweighs handing over pick 11.

this is why we need to meet some kind of middle ground in the trade and why when we offered pick 11, that we asked for a 2nd rounder in return with Jake. we need a fallback position in case stringer doesent work out. The bulldogs are being incredibly stubborn on the matter, while holding up our other trade targets as well.


Would you rather go to the draft with 11 or take Jake Stringer?

After his AA year he was probably worth pick 1. Pick 11 in a weak draft for an AA 23 year old that has top 10 in the league like talent is a steal.


The Bulldogs knocked back a perfectly reasonable offer for Stringer.
I don’t know how much sympathy you expect people to have for them.
Whatever or whoever you want to trade is only worth what someone else is prepared to pay.
Or you can decide not to trade.
The Bulldogs should be the ones knocking down our door to get this done. It’s not Essendon’s fault if they’re not.


if we took 11 to the draft, we could have addressed our midfield issue head on.

dont get me wrong i still want stringer. but it wont be the worst thing if we dont get the deal done.


Francis + 24 to Crows

16 to Dogs

Stringer to Essendon.

We keep our 2nd rd picks this yr and next


I don’t mind that sort of a deal. Some here would be hoping for 16 straight up, but i don’t think will happen.
Pick 24 might be too much though - 29 at best.


Well I disagree that was a reasonable trade and although the market determines the value, if we don’t get it done I think we would have wasted a very good opportunity to bring in elite talent at imo a reasonable price (11). I don’t have any sympathy for the bulldogs nor expect other too it’s purely a pragmatic stance about getting these deals done. As others that I agree with have expressed I’d rather pay a little bit extra to get these three to out club as opposed to win the ■■■■■■■ contest and lose a player. It’s all moot of course should Dodoro come up trumps.


Disco’s legend grows. Even Barrett is on board …


Enemies become friends!


No, we could have tried to address our midfield issues by taking a kid who played midfield against other kids. All I’m saying is that taking Stringer with 11 vs unknown kid with 11 is a much better bet and if we miss him then it’s a poor call.