Trade scenarios to land Stringer, post Saad and Smith?


Add another one of our seconds going to Bulldogs and I reckon it gets done.


That’s not bad. Not bad at all. Don’t know if Freo will bite though…


Or GWS. Suspect they want more than 24 for Wilson

But good original concept that could work if tweaked


a 4 pick upgrade for Stringer!? yeah nah.


Looks as though Disco has just clocked trade period if Mr Sunburys comments about the trades being done on the money which they have been.

Also Dogs have already started trying to use our 24&29 in trades elsewhere. Freo rejected. So in principle it appears they happy with those two selections if they can’t be upgraded to a higher 1st rounder. On points they both worth pick 10.


  1. 11 & future 3rd for Smith, 24 & GWS future 2nd
  2. GWS future 2nd for Saad (tbc)
  3. 24 & 29 for Stringer (tbc)

Out: 11, 29, future 3rd
IN: Smith, Saad, Stringer

It’s that fkn good!

We still then likely have Francis & 47 + our future 2nd to play with for any more S trade hijinx.


I don’t give a stuff if any of these blokes are any good I can’t beleive we’re gonna do THREEE TRADEEEEEES in one year?!!!


Soon hell be crowned ‘King Dodo’


So we’ve gone from Half back flankers trying to become mids, to now forward flankers trying to become mids, I hope this works.


2000 side, Hird, Mercuri, Long, Bewick, Caracella, Moorcroft and Blumfield were forwards pretty handy through the midfield.


Jason Johnson and Joe Misiti were our only legit mids…blummers is probably pretty close as well


Heffernan defensive mid as well.


Oops, yes. I loved Heff


Rama as well.


Mercuri, hird and long were legit mids as well. We had the luxury of parking them forward however, but this didn’t change the face that as mids they were elite and the best in the AFL in the middle. (Long more so earlier in his career)


Long wasnt a mid by then, Mercuri is the best half forward flank I have ever seen this club have and Hird is close to the best player I have seen Don the Sash.

But they were able to play mid (Mercs and Hird) because they were just incredible footballers and we didn’t have enough mids.

It speaks to how good they were. Not to the position we had to play them.


They may have all been elite in the midfield, but they were forwards first.


Who cares what they were first. Where did Fraser Gherig start his career? Playing in the wing and around the ground but what a full forward. Same for Gary Ablett Snr.

My point was only Hird and Mercuri were legit and elite mids. So was long in his early days. Mercuri nearly won a Brownlow from the middle in 99.


Bit off topic but was thinking about it, that moment when the hawks tried to usurp the Carlisle trade and we accepted still gets me pumped up.

All fkn week we put up with smug st Kilda and ameet baines offering us their 2nd round pick and telling us to accept it or lose him for nothing. Their fans likewise on social media and talk back laughing at us for asking for pick 6.

Then Hawthorn goes fkn bang to the point Clarko checked into Carlisles hotel in America and convinced him to join.

Suddenly AMEET and st Kilda are all over the shop not knowing wtf they’ve just been hit with, their ■■■■ head fans are losing it on talkback ect while Essendon fans had their chests puffed out pounding them like apes.

Was a great moment.

Favourite part was st Kildas twitter posting a “lets be friends” tweet at Essendons account which was followed up with a torrent of Essendon supporters replying with get ■■■■■■.


I love you style Stallion. Your contempt and loathing of opposition clubs is 1st rate and couldn’t agree more - spot on again.


Yep. They were elite football3rs. That just happened to have to play in the midfield for periods in their careers.