Trade Talk 2019 Pt2

Hawks have McGuiness (pick 16 in cal twomey phantom) (they have picks 11, 30
Port have Mead (19 in cal twomey phantom)
Freo have Henry (15 in Twomey phantom)
Tom Green Academy pick 5 twomey phantom

Port Adelaide father-son Jackson Mead could get past the Power’s pick 29, which would be the ideal result for the club.

This hurts my head every time I hear about these points, live trades etc


Actual image of every Blitz user in this thread

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So Martin is asking for $1m a year for 5 years?! Yikes.

Edit- actually $3m over 5 years, $1m for his first year.

fark me, this guy is going to make out like a bandit considering hes painfully mediocre

Just pricing himself to get through to FCFC

Well that or play for gold coast or Melbourne…

Its a damn shame we couldn’t have gotten him along with Shiel the year before.

Henry is the next Walters

Will be the best player of the draft. He’s a fkn gun

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Thats a big call.
would you rate Walters the best player form his draft?

1 Jack Watts Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup Melbourne
1 2 Nic Naitanui Swan Districts WAFL West Coast
1 3 Stephen Hill West Perth WAFL Fremantle
1 4 Hamish Hartlett West Adelaide SANFL Port Adelaide
1 5 Michael Hurley Northern Knights TAC Cup Essendon
1 6 Chris Yarran Swan Districts WAFL Carlton
1 7 Daniel Rich Subiaco WAFL Brisbane Lions
1 8 Ty Vickery Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup Richmond
1 9 Jack Ziebell Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup North Melbourne
1 10 Phil Davis North Adelaide SANFL Adelaide

Geez 2008 was a bust from the early picks
Hurley probably best of the top 10 given Natanuis injuries.

Sidebotom, Shuey, Beams, Hanneberry, Zaka, Zieball, Davis

Yeh walters would probably be in the conversation.

Re do the 2008 draft
5 Sidebottom
23 Beams
55 Tom Rockliff
58 Luke Breust
67 Ricky Henderson

PSD 3 Ben Cousins

5 J Garlett
21 Jarryd Blair
36 Matt Suckling
50 Sam Jacobs
64 Greg Broughton

I didn’t mention anything about Walters being the best player of his draft. I think Henry will be the pick of this draft though

Hopefully Freo are made to pay dearly then.

If anyone’s wondering…

because fark you, that’s why.

Behind Ty Vickery for starters .

Really? 8 of the 10 still in the league 10 years on, 5 of them will end up 200 gamers.

No one absolute brownlow level superstar, but plenty of very very very good players.

Considering Hartlett, NicNat, Phil Davis and Hurley have lost year/s of their best footy to injury or suspension.


Yes, Blitz is very interested in the volume of cones.



Would prefer to be Brisbane


Jeez port would hope to finish top 8 next year

That doesn’t take into account why they did it.

They want a kid - they’re hope will be that he and the others they get are worth the move.


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