Trade Talk 2019: who should we beat our chest like an ape about now?

Isnt he 32 this year? Would the eagles offer him another long term deal?

Virtually zero chance, the only possibility would be if Woosha convinces him to do a Sam Mitchell/Luke Hodge and come across as a playing/coach, which virtually zero.

Can’t have them all, I’d love jackets to pull something from nowhere though.

Would have to lose a decent young player plus picks it seems.

We also do have two x 2nd rounders that could get upgraded to a 1st, especially with the academy clubs or someone with a f/s selection.

Unless Jack Martin grows 6-7cm and puts on 10kg’s over this season then he isn’t what we need.


I’d take him if he lost 5kgs and shrunk a couple of cms.

193 cm and 93 kg’s that’s a big mid.

Still smaller than Cripps.

Well all mids are smaller than Cripps. Maybe blivcas?

So the rumours of Martin wanting a trade to Essendon were true.

I guess Sheil nominating Essendon threw the Martin trade out the window. Just no way we were able to get Shiel and Martin

We’d need to free up some space in the cap and find some trade currency in order to have another crack at him. There’ll be plenty of clubs heavily into him and I doubt he will be entertaining us as a realistic option.

I just hope it isn’t Hawthorn that poaches him, but I’ve got a feeling.

Gold Coast had just lost their 2 captains. they were pretty hostile to us with the idea of losing Jack, who was under contract. we were after a gun mid and i dont think Dodoro was expecting Shiel to pick us with the offers on the table. so the next on the list was Jack

would absolutely love to have him at the club but its highly unlikely. he would have to sign a 1-2 year deal with the Suns and wait till we had the currency.

he will probably go to Hawthorn…

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Anybody rate him? Unrestricted free agent so wouldn’t have to trade.

Predictable, but very sad. I really really really rate Martin, and he’s started to show why this year.

If we don’t get him, I hope he stays at the Suns.


Bring me Clugg. I want Clugg.

Hearing Jordan Galluci is gettable. Not too pleased with playing SANFL footy.

Mozzie/Ham probably means that we don’t need small forwards/half-forward flankers…maybe if Gallucci is going to be a midfielder, but he would be another smallish one…in the end, other clubs probably out-bid us in terms of $, senior opportunities.

You’ve got me thinking though - what player types do we get with say our next 3 draft picks/trades?

I rate him as a wing/HFF, surprised he can’t get a game for the Crows considering they’re not exactly setting the world on fire at the moment.

But, Adelaide would want more than he is worth to us, and they’d probably prefer one of our “gettable” SA boys - Redman, Francis, Draper who won’t/shouldn’t be on the table. I don’t think they’d be interested in Houlahan unfortunately.

I wouldn’t give up anything for Gallucci. We have no need for him and I wouldn’t be giving up any of our SA boys…or Raz, Franga, Redman, BZT, Sammy anyway.

I don’t think we need anything more than back-up ruckman.

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Key back (or even forward) prospect?

Hooker, Hurley and Brown are 3 of our oldest players.

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