Trade Talk 2019: who should we beat our chest like an ape about now?

Aside from potentially one of Gleeson/Ridley/Redman (for opportunities), what about; Ambrose, Brown, and/or Guelfi?

Before anyone cracks the sads, the hypothetical options are coming from these conditions;

  • out of contract
  • hypothetically replaceable (i.e. Zerk-Thatcher, a number of Forwards, medium utilities etc.)
  • has trade value (although unsure what that is)
  • could be beneficial to the player in terms of improved contract.

I’m confused. Why would Zerk Thatcher, Redman and Ridley be involved in this discussion?

I’d trade guelfi. Don’t reckon there’s any point to trading Ambrose or Brown, wouldn’t get much but they’re useful players.

Guelfi would have little trade currency either.

He’s a role player and those types don’t generally fetch much more than a pick in the 30’s at best.


I’d take that and run

I rate all 3 of those guys as very handy role players. They’re contracts wouldn’t be weighing down the cap and they are consistent. You need guys like that on the list.



His value to us as a role player is far greater.

He’s been in our best in a number of occasions this year and he gives his all.

Those types may seem easy to replace but they generally aren’t.


Can’t kick

He’s not alone there.


But he’s an inconsistent role player who can’t kick.

Dev creates far more turnovers to the other team than he causes for us
Hep wins enough ball
Etc etc

What’s guelfi, a back pocket / sometimes winger who doesn’t find much of the ball? Eeehhh.

Trade a player who wants opportunities elsewhere. That’s it.

Maybe play around with future picks during live trading to get into the first round. Don’t sell the farm for an early pick.

Base case. Take a ruck / KP and a fast player with the 2 second round picks.

As an aside, my phone now autocorrects farm to Fark.


Guelfi’s strength is getting the ball rolling in our favour. Whether that’s through tackling or spoiling or just getting a fingernail to the ball he scraps.

You can have too many of those types obviously but having a few is critical to bringing the prime movers into the game. Without these types players like zaharakis or Sheil have to go win the ball themselves and that limits their effectiveness on the outside.

I actually don’t think Guelfi is a bad kick but suffers from the same thing that most of our players suffer from and that’s stupidity. We have a team full of panic merchants.

We severely lack class but getting rid of Guelfis not going to help.

You see this as a negative

I see this as a huge positive

Sheil and Zaka are more than capable of playing inside and in fact I think Zaka is severely underrated in that department but he is also one of our more important outside players.

I think we look our best when he’s getting huge meters gained numbers.

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Ambrose is the 1st picked defender.

Brown is getting on and looks like best 22, especially with Joe Daniher turning into Darcy Daniher.

Guelfi is living the dream, plucked as a mature ager from obscurity and is near enough to a starting best 22 player. He is certainly one of the first players brought in to cover an injury to a small forward/mid/back.

Of the names you’ve listed, I could only see Gleeson leaving for opportunities if his body falls apart and a team was willing to offer him a role as an experienced head future coach type of deal.

I can only see us losing a player if there is some “go-home-factor” at play or we move Darcy back to the flank for the 2nd half of the season. Neither seem very likely though as the young guys look super tight and surely Woosh couldn’t be so silly.

Can’t agree with you there. Doesn’t offer enough going the other way, to be the 1st picked. Much like Brown, he’s a luxury (lock down) in his position. The type you can only afford when you’ve already got enough of the other aspects, intercept marking and rebounding in the case of Ambrose.

I’m on the side of being unlikely to trade but see these guys as options, if they have value and we want more picks.

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Not sure if you got that from me…I was saying Zerk-Thatcher would be ready to step in, if we lost Ambrose.

Does anyone know what happened to GC Ruckman Nicholls? He was looking good a couple of years back but seems to have completely disappeared. Is he someone we should potentially target?

Been injured a lot, hasn’t he? And I’ve seen nothing to interest me with him.

Think it’s just that he’s behind Witts on the depth chart. Has shown some ok AFL level play at 27 and considering the dearth of other options could be worth a try.

Seems like a workable plan for 2020 would be:
Ruck #1: hope TBC can carry this for another year
Ruck #2: newly recruited first back up, a bit younger than Clarke (Nicholls, Ladhams?)
Ruck #3: Draper returning from injury
Ruck #4: another project possibly Bowman