Trade Talk 2019: who should we beat our chest like an ape about now?

Wasn’t Nicholls also a bit of a F***head

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I didn’t realise he was that old but I suppose for a ruckman not too bad. I remember thinking he more than held his own a few years back. Imagine he would be cheap. Can’t be worse than Clarke. Gives Draper time to recover.

A mate of mine seems adamant the last couple of weeks that Darcy Parish will be at Carlton next year. Anyone in the know heard anything similar?

I presume he’ll be joining Dylan Shiel.


Not without their first round draft pick he wont.

Maybe they can ask Adelaide nicely if they can have it back.

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They’ve got the Crows first rounder

Not that we’d accept it nor would he go there anyway nor do I think he is leaving anyway

Just media blabber


No chance. If anywhere it will be the Cats, I’m not sure they would have the trade currency. Pick 16-18 ain’t going to get you Parish.

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My mate’s Son is his best mate. He has heard nothing, so if it’s true he’s holding it close to his chest.

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Say hello to Mr Matheison.

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Draft in in skilled hard nut, trade out outside player who can’t hit hit targets or the goals.

Yes, him too. There is 3 of them, all best mates.

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Early picks are the most overrated commodity. How’d all those first rounders that GC have had over the years worked out? Carlton have had a glut of early picks for the better part of a decade and a half yet are miles off it. Sydney & Geelong haven’t had early picks for an eternity yet consistently unearth great talent. The picks are for nothing if you can’t identify good talent. Clearly the saga hurt in that respect but the drafts of the past 5 years haven’t yielded enough best 22 talent IMO. Still big question marks over Langford, Laverde, Francis, Parish, Houlahan, Ridley, Begley, Mutch etc. Redman looks like he will make it and Parish is probably next but none of the others are walk up 22 yet. Thankfully Walla came along in that period to make things look a little better but we could be faced with a vacuum of talent once the likes Hooker & Hurley, Bellchambers etc move on.


Identifying talent at any point in the drafts is one thing, having the systems in place to properly develop those picks into AFL players is easily more important.

Carlton and GC had access to talent and brought a lot of extremely talented kids in but neither had the development systems to take advantage.


I thoroughly enjoy the title of this thread.

Harsh on Parish
Played 5 or 6 VFL games, and 65 AFL games since he got here. You can argue he’s taken a year longer than we’d like to go from bit-part player to a mainstay, but he’s there now.

I can think of a handful of GC players who’ve left and gone on with it (Saad, Kolodashnij, Lynch etc)- who from Carlton ??
Jacobs and Betts were a long time ago.

Tuohy and Henderson to Geelong.

The Kolodjashnij who’s made it has been at Geelong the whole time.

The one from GC has hardly played a game with Melbourne…partly through injury.

Caddy is one who’s gone on with it, as is Prestia. Zac Smith not.

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I actually think it is far more important. Clarko is proving that, so too the cats at the moment.

If you have a top line development team who can fast track players to AFL level and beyond you don’t need top ten picks. You could off load them for a higher quantity 15-36 and he better off.

Yes - Development is a big help but some can’t accept that recruiters get picks wrong - Some more than others.

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