Trade Targets - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Would you be prepared to lose Fantasia for Shiel?




no way.


Trade a pick 5 mid and potentiallly another pick 10 mid for Sheil.

We don’t we just keep our two highly rated mids??

Two good mids is better than one no?


Is there anyone I’d be prepared to trade Fantasia for?


And I’d ban the next person who suggests it.
F**king morons throwing up names for the sake of it.


I’m on the Elliot bandwagon cant see him getting back in with Thomas and Stephenson If I’m not mistaken he was a bombers supporter growing up which is a bonus


Lots of injuries. High risk.

Notice that I used punctuation there. I recommend it.


Trade Targets - The Finding Nemo Thread


So was Higgins a risk worth taking also people said Burgoynes knee was shot when the Hawks got him



Are you sure about this? It definitely applies when the player is a free agent (e.g. Franklin, Mayne, etc.) or came via the draft (e.g. Luke Ball to Collingwood, Stevens to Carlton). And it applies if the contract is back-dated and the player wants any of that money.

But if a player has re-signed with his current club, on a standard flat (or % of cap based) contract, I thought they could cancel and both parties walk away.

Calling @Dunlop !


I can’t imagine a reason why you wouldn’t have it apply across the board as it’s such an obvious, transparent loophole, ripe for exploitation

So you could well be right.


Atley anyone? Out of contract free agent.


Staying at NM. They can keep him too.


I feel like Atley’s been threatening to turn into a good player since he was about 19 and hasn’t ever actually done it.


How will it be exploited if the situations I listed above are excluded?


Destination club.


If May goes from GC I think Hartley would be a pretty good player to offer GC along with a pick for one of their mids.

Just not sure who.

Hows GWS key back depth?
Maybe Harts could help get a deal over the line.


Personally I’d love to sign him as a FA, just so we can delist him


Tigers not negotiating with Houli, Grigg or Short until end of season. I believe Short put his talks on hold before the bye. He’s be a decent get as a small defender, certainly a better option than Baguley or McNeice IMO.