Trade Targets - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Don’t be surprised when we end up with Mitch Wallis.


Not surprising considering they’re in the race for a few players at the end of the season.


I reckon they’d be happy if they just got Lynch.


He’d be their main target you’d thinkand they’d need to keep their cap fairly loose considering how much coin he could be worth.


I don’t think they could pay him more than their big four.


He’s an absolute gun but surely would cost way more than we could afford


They’d end up with a serious chunk of their cap invested in their top 5, but they would be using their brand to get him slightly cheaper than their rivals


Seems we are out of the Sloane race Saints and Hawks into him according to Tom Browne.

Reckon Mitch Wallis will be at Essendon


Wallis not what we need IMO. Would rather get senior games into Parish, Clarke & Mutch etc.


Would form a deadly combo with Myers in the VFL though


Wallis would get a game over Clarke and Mutch imo


Have heard Wallis is keen to come to us




How good would it be to have him applying tackles and feeding the ball out from the middle.

People might not want him but will change their tune once he starts playing well and we make the Dogs look like idiots again.


Of course he would be.

No doubt lives in the area. And his dad works with/ has business with someone linked to our coteries.

I don’t see the point.

Our midfield is doing very well at present. Darcy Parish who is not even in our side is capable of doing exactly what Wallis does but with more upside and better footskills.

If we bring someone in inside mid wise it needs to be a gun that pushes Myers back to VFL/or traded out for. Wallis does not do that. And doesn’t even get a game ahead of Parish IMO

If he wants more game time & to stay local its off to Carlton to help Cripps


Would take Wallis over Myers


You’d take someone else’s half eaten packet of twisties over your own never ending Tim tam’s.


Heard it a few weeks ago that he was keen. Weather we pursue? I see him and Parish fighting for the same position. I feel they’re a bit similar just Wallis is more proven. Could we play both? Do we need Wallis? Who knows but he would basically be free. Fark the dogs.

Also found out that last year Richmond flew Lynch down and got him seats for the Prelim final and he loved the atmosphere. Is very close to Prestia.


Haha I actually think Wallis is a better player at least Wallis dosen’t hoof ball blindly from a contest


How is he at spreadsheets though? Can’t afford a repeat