Trade Targets - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Yep, very keen. More likely than not will happen.

Edit: not a star but will be a great and under player (and eventually replace Myers).


If anyone would take Eddie these days I can see hawthorn trying to replace Rioli


Anyone still think Laverde might turn out to be a decent player? I still did until recently


With the greatest of respect Bennell was a broken alcoholic when he arrived at the Gold Coast, and remains so today. Yes he had talant and would have been taken by any club in the league, but pinning his injury on the Gold Coast is a bit rich.

On some of your other conclusions it is amazing how other clubs can have a high draft bust and that is just poor picking or bad luck. Gold Coast does it and it somehow comes down to the club. Some haven’t kicked on at all, some have gone elsewhere and done ok. Caddy for example was ok at the GC, really didn’t improve at Geelong, and plays a role at Richmond. You can’t say that he has improved much despite being in two of the better clubs for the last few years.

I don’t think they covered themselves in glory, but it would be interesting to see how the AFL’s prescrived development path for the juniors played a role.


Wonder if Dom Sheed might be gettable. He’s from WA, but in and out of the Eagles team a lot. 23 years old so right in our age bracket too.


Nah, he ruined himself, nothing to do with GC.


Wallis would love it at essendon. Will get a game every week.


Only one problem, he’s trash.


If he manages to stay on the park, then it’s a bit of a 50/50 now I reckon. His heart is in it. It gets awfully frustrating and depressing being continuously in rehab.


Blitz last year “why aren’t we playing slow guy who can’t kick (Bird/Hocking”
Blitz this year “why aren’t we playing slow guy who can’t kick (D Clarke”
Blitz 2019 “why aren’t we playing slow guy who can’t kick [watch this space]”


Well Heppel has that role covered.


I’m not opposed to getting Wallis as a free agent. He is only 25 give him a couple of years in a new environment with spongy floors and see how he goes. At the end of the day, if he is depth only what have you lost? If we don’t land a big fish we can front load his contract for next year so he has SFA effect on 2020s cap. What have you lost really?


Cap space to get a player that actually improves the team


Laverde to FarkCarlton for pick 32.

(Laverde to FarKCarlton for Pick 22 has a nicer ring to it).


How can it be a surprise given we and the media have been talking about it for six weeks :wink:


I’ll be surprised simply because the trades that are talked about at this time of year rarely happen.


Just because you don’t like the guy, there is no need for that sort of cruelty.


That was before today’s game.

On the plus side for him, he’ll never play VFL.


A Bulldogs moderator at Bigfooty claims that Wallis is gone and will most likely end up at Essendon.

The thing with Wallis is we don’t need him to be a superstar will come and play a role will apply tackles and feed the ball out offers way more than Myers imo


For some reason I thought Wallis was a bit of a ball magnet. Has only topped 30 possessions twice in his career.

We need better than that.