Trade Targets - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


For everyone saying how much we need Wallis, they do realise he’s averaging less clearances than Myers this year? And only about 3 years younger. I’ve no problem adding him as depth if he’s cheap, but why would he then want to come here?


What about the 2000 prelim?


If I was Cripps, to stay at Carlton I’d need Martin at North levels of compensation. He’d know he’d be committing to carrying that side and not contending until he’s at least 28 or so.

I could easily see him deciding to play elsewhere for less (but still considerable) compensation so he has some chance of competing. If he did leave, we’d have to be in a good position. We’d fit his needs to a tee, and he ours.


Which i think will be the end of his career, he cops a physical beating every game there.


Petrevski-Seaton and Harry McKay for a first rounder.

Get it done.


isn’t petrevski-seaton still one of their best players?


Because if someone offered us a mid first rounder for Francis and Ridley we’d take it, right?


We get Cripps and Jackets gets a bronze statue at the True Value Solar Centre


With a middle finger salute pointing in the exact direction of Carlton.


Maybe because he’s better than Myers & can see that if Myers can get games in our midfield then he should be a lock. Whats seen Wallis’ clearances drop this year is the fact that he’s spent more time forward than normal & is going at more than 1 goal per game. The quality of his clearances is also clearly superior to Myers.

Again he’s no star but he would easily be in our best 22 right now so that makes him somebody we should be considering. If the money he’s seeking isn’t excessive & we have it then again he’s worth considering. If we have better targets on the radar fine, he’s not a must have but given what we know he is for mine the clear best available to address our biggest weakness.


As mentioned a while back by someone, maybe it was @Henry_s_Angry_Pills , I’d be having a look at Touk Miller. Reckon he’s made of similar stuff to our boy Dev. Also acknowledge that People may see him as too midgety.


Get him then we only need one or two others to run a Seven Dwarves pantomime in the off-season.


Dylan Sheil a must next season is out of contract


We need mids that can win a hard ball, break away from the congestion and slot goals from 50m. De Goey types would be nice


theyre twins.
twins basil.


An indictment on the club for ignoring this while other clubs were building midfields we kept drafting talls and skinny hbf’s we hope to turn into mids


Pretty good game from old mate Gaff just a lazy 41 touches and 2 goals


Can’t fathom why we haven’t already signed him. Delist Dudoro, Delist ROdski

This is all Peter Jackson’s fault



So many trade rumours just suffer swift and brutal smackdown.