Trade Targets - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


A player like Cripps will get to play wherever the hell he wants to play, contract or not, PSD or not.


Is he managed by Connors by any chance?


His manager is matt Bain(stride sports management).


Any relation to Ameet BAINS?

Probably not, since they have different surnames.


Give our first+2019 first for Cripps


From reading the TAC thread there are a good 3 or 4 big contested mids that might be available at our first pick. How about we discuss that rather than stupid trades for Patrick Cripps.


he is related to hutchy and damian barret though.


I don’t suppose you are likely to forget to pay your ISP bill some time soon?


It is the trade targets thread

And best clearance player in the league whose proven and can impact immediately trumps a hit and hope draft pick.

That said Blues would not give him up easily and $$ not an issue for them for him.


We may as well be talking about Isaac Heeny or Clayton Oliver(i.e. other players that are Buckley’s and none to leave). We have zero chance of picking Cripps up. Zero


I mention cripps who’s the best clearance mid in the comp and I still cop it lols


Surely Kelly is a deadset monty at north.

million plus a season and the old man played for them.

every club would love to have him though. wow can he play.

Just get Toby Greene if anyone from GWS. Hes as good as De Goey and more stable off field. I would throw the farm at him.

otherwise gets back to Dom Tyson I reckon. he would slot in nicely in our midfield rotation. won’t cost a packet. he is AFL level just being pushed out by the best group of “inside” mids in the comp IMO.


Does the success of the Carlton football club hinge on those 3 or 4?


I know your being cheeky.

But geez if our trading strategy is to troll the worst team in the comp, well we probably deserve to be the second worst team in the comp.


Would Shai Bolton be an option? In a perfect world I’d like to upgrade our small forward beyond Green, and Shai ticks a lot of boxes:

  • Fast
  • Went in the 2016 draft which is looking very good
  • Not getting game time, so given his original pick was #29 Richmond would be hard pressed asking for more than a 2019 third rounder (and he might cost less)
  • Playing for a team near the top of the ladder who has plenty of depth in his position (i.e. a good reason to be playing VFL, and may want opportunities)

Anyone know how he’s tracking at VFL level?


Doubt Richmond would be happy for a third rounder, be like us getting one for Laverde.
Would need to get in his ear, and he would need to demand hes going to Essendon.


He went pick #29. They wouldn’t like it, but tough. If Laverde had gone to the Saints in 2016, we wouldn’t have got back anywhere near his value either. We wouldn’t have liked it, but that’s reality.

But someone with his traits (if he’s performing at VFL) would be a great match for our side. Colyer but with more forward nous.


Are you talking about Laverde now or a few years ago? He’d be worth f all now. If we got offered a 3rd rounder we should take it and run


We’d be better off going for Neade.


I’d prefer Bolton. Not a fan of Neade at all.