Trade Targets - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


I don’t think much of Bolton as a small forward. He’s better suited to a wing


I hear Norf are heavily into Zach Merret.


Let’s just FarkCarlton



Jackson Merrett would have been more plausible


This is a little fish - deckchair moving trade and @Riolio boy but anyway

Trade with Sydney
Out: Hartley
In Reid

Sydney get KPD Depth With Aliir Aliir going to WA and Grundy nearing the end
and we get some KPF Depth.
Reids Value must be at a all time low and i dont rate him that highly. But it might be nice to get more KPF power.


So Joey, Brown, Stewart, Stringer and Reid???







where does McNernan fit in then?


his status will depend on how tom beachcomber develops


It will probably be

  • one of McKernan/Stewart/Brown


I meant in 2016 when he was reputedly deciding between re-signing and going to the Saints. We wouldn’t have got anywhere near pick 20 back for him (which was roughly his draft position).


Who cares.




Out of respect for good taste I won’t put up one for we care.


Zantuck, zanotti… erm, Zuckerberg


Still remember that u18 All Star Game at Punt Road, Bolton & Powell Pepper killed it.


Wee care! See a urologist.


Does anyone know much about Harry Dear?

Looks a good size for a KP player and has played at both ends of the ground but looks to be very inconsistent. To be expected for a 21 year old developing tall.

Would he be worth a look at as a project player for a low pick?