Trade Targets - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


We have one, Stewart.


Have people forgotten about him already?


And Francis

Plenty of cover.


I’m not talking a Stewart, McKernan, Brown. These guys are 2nd talls to Joey.

It’s the more mobile Steinberg-esque 188-192 size hombre.

Francis isn’t a forward.

As mentioned, ideally it’s a mid that goes forward and is a genuine marking target / goalkicker ala Langers…

Do think we need 1 more on the list, that may end up being Laverde, but I’m sure many aren’t sold on him…


francis is not a forward.


He played plenty in juniors.

He is perfectly capable and competent doing so. Gets thrown forward in VFL all the time.

When we talk about cover, if Stringer and then Stewart weren’t playing he would adequately do so.

Hooker has switched end to end as required. Brown does so continually.


from what ive seen of him he drifts forward and makes an impact when required, but only in short bursts.

from what i saw of him in 2016/17 when playing predominately as a forward, his leading patterns were bad, and his marking was nowhere near as apt

the way he reads the play in the backline simply does not translate to the way he would need to read the play as a forward. and the way he reads it in defence is absolutely elite. I said it few posts ago, but itll be exactly the same as playing hurley forward.

i appreciate he may have played there as a junior for a bit, but i dont see it


For one. When players play forward it is always far more difficult as you have a defender or two on you. As opposed to floating in 3rd man in.

Players always “look” better in defence as they get more ball, have more space, aren’t having to make the play themselves.

As for his 2016/17 he was not anywhere near fit enough to be playing AFL level football. Which was part of reason was getting games fwd as would have been liability in defence.

But only need to look at the first quarter vs Pies on Anzac Day that game where he had a clear impact. Then he ran out of gas very quickly.

His versatility is a strength and I expect we will see him at either end many times over his career.

Hurley has a terrible vertical leap, not much pace to get separation on the lead and not even close to marking ability of Francis.


Regarding Sloane…the good news of this is that there is no FA compensation. Our picks are 1 earlier than they looked like being.


fair enough. I accept that fitness was a major issue in 2016/17 so itd be interesting to see what he could do up forward in 2018 with a bigger tank.

having said that, still dont want it to happen.

but who knows, if it means he plays senior footy then it may be worth it.




Very obscure, you’ve certainly come out of your shell…and down from your ivory tower


Why would we want another KPD? We’ve got Francis, Zerk, and Hartley is 24. Plus we’ll probably rookie Mason Fletcher, so even more KPD depth.


Let’s not forget, Ben McKay supported us a kid…


Scrimshaw might fit that criteria.

Ok, I actually think I read a bit about him relatively recently on Big Footy. A crows supporter was talking about him. From what he said he’s very much in a Stewart position, although the fact Fogarty jumped right ahead of him would be concerning.

If the club rated him, he’d be a cheap KPF option. But might be better to get a youngster with more upside and keep Brown in the interim.


Thinking about this more, I’ve considered what you’ve said and changed my mind. Your points regarding Wallis playing forward this year impacting his midfield stats, and Myers injury AGAIN on the weekend are definitely contributing to the change. It would be only if he’s willing to come at the risk of being depth, as when our guys don’t get injured mid-game we’ve been winning or breaking even on clearances recently anyway. Obviously he can’t be on huge money or terms either.

Although I would like to see Clarke given time for some of the rest of the year, as if it turns out he’s not far off Wallis/Myers levels then maybe we pass.


There’s a lot of guys people are suggesting who’d only be recruited for depth. Exception obviously is inside mids.

Even another ruck would need to have it explained, that unless he can run around the ground Grundy-style, he’s going to have to knock Belly out of the team.

And I suspect players recruited for depth are going to have to be picked up late in the draft.


Given how well the 2016 draft is performing, and how well we consider some of the guys from that draft are performing in the VFL, I’d be looking for other club’s equivalents of Ridley/Mutch/Clarke - i.e. young players from the 2016 draft doing very well in the VFL but can’t crack the seniors due to body/opportunity/etc.

Looking at the draft list, I therefore hope the club would be monitoring the performance of Brodie, Scrimshaw, Galluci, Shai Bolton, J. Atley, Drew, and J. Williams. All went before Mutch in the draft, and most haven’t had too many AFL games to my knowledge.

Galluci is especially interesting given the strength of the Crows midfield and their good drafting record. He is also from Melbourne and a top 20 pick. A goal kicking midfielder with speed. That said, I do think he’s now played a handful of games, but don’t know if that would hold if Adelaide didn’t have any injuries? Might be the one to chase if he’s not contracted.

Edit: Ok, Gallucci has played 9 games this year so far. So he might not qualify.


I think Drew has been injured all season. Marty Gleeson’s cousin from Koroit.

Who’s J Williams?


A Tim Membrey type would be good.