Trade Targets - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Everything for me is a cost v return equation. Would I trade a decent draft pick for Wallis - no. Would I trade a young player I thought had a future - no. Would I use a free agency pick- yes. Would I give him a 5 year deal worth 3.5mil - NO. I have absolutely no idea what sort of money he might be asking for let alone what our cap situation is but assuming we have the cap space & it didn’t impact other targets we might be looking at then it looks to me like a chance to improve our best 22 without compromising our draft position. That makes it worth considering (all other factors unknown).

I agree 100% that Clark be given every possible opportunity to cement a spot but at this stage he’s a long way off that so factoring him into our list calculations isn’t really prudent yet. Absolute best case scenario is we get Wallis & Clark goes past him. If had a midfield where Wallis was depth (assuming fitness & form) then we’d have a very strong group.


I’d rather we played an extra small forward or even a midfielder rather than play a mediocre 3rd tall.

And Stewart has played his best footy as, and is most certainly, a mobile 3rd tall. It was playing behind Daniher and Hooker that he was contributing the most to the team. He struggled playing as the 2nd tall with Daniher then got worse when McKernan replaced Joe. Doesn’t really know how to play at CHF, which is what they appear to be trying to teach him in the VFL currently.


He’s just scratching the surface.


Generally good key position forwards go very high in the draft so I thought Disco did some very astute business in getting Stewart across for basically nothing.

I wouldn’t be opposed to going down that route again and any currency we have in terms of high draft picks should go towards midfielders.


I like Hartley, but he’s been problematic at times. I’m not an Ambrose fan (particularly his size), even though he’s far exceeded my expectations.
Francis I see more in the lose intercept defense role, the one Hurley wishes he can do and Goddard definitely can’t anymore.
Zerk is probably still a couple of years off being able to handle any monsters 1on1, and Fletcher definitely is.
Outside Hooker and now Hurley being more defensive minded, I’d be looking at them as a possible upgrade and challenge to Hartley/Ambrose. Not the #1 priority, but if the price is right.


We still have Brown also

Who’d likely lose his spot fwd to JD once fit. And Woosh happily plays Brown in defence, often over Hartley when he’s been fit to do so.


Does he give you the horn?


This just reads like “here’s the biggest disappointments from the last 4 drafts”


I have to compliment Collingwood on what they did with Mayne.


I don’t mean they should have gotten him in the first place. Nor paid megabucks for him. That was moronic.

But I do compliment the selection committee who didn’t succumb to perceived pressure to play him. A weak approach would have been to play him continually, claim the side just needed to gel around him, all to deny embarrassment about what they paid.

So…if we got Wallis, on RATIONAL COIN, I hope we would then have the strength to just treat his selection based on form, not reputation, nor a sense of obligation on our part.



Is that the alternative to the Blitz Panic Dollar?

I like it, though obviously not as much fun to spend.


I believe he could be gotten away from Carlton. Whether he could be convinced to come to EFC is another question.

Scrimshaw - hmm. i think he was drafted too high, but that doesn’t mean he can’t play. A lot of the Goddards about him - tall mid/flanker and his main point of difference is his distribution by foot.

Partington is a slightly lesser version of Parish, and that’s not a criticism as i rate both of them hightly. I like him a lot, but if he’s looking for a move because he wants more time on the ones, I’m not sure we’d be the right destination since he’d be behind Zerrett, Parish, Mcgrath etc in basically the same ‘smallish accumulating midfielder’ role.

I don’t rate Drew. Can’t kick.

Would he fit in the same fwd line as Stringer though?


I don’t rate Membrey
Outside of his set shots, not sure what else he offers.

Lav ends up the mid size forward for mine


Jesus…this ride is about to get bumpy…


Legit forgot about him… happy enough to try and upgrade there as well…


Ummm Stewart moves around the ground.


You need to keep depth in case of injury.


Absolutely agree. I’m talking about upgrading that depth, wherever possible. I think, for the most part, our first choice players are of a pretty decent level.
I see Brown as FWD depth, behind/along with McKernan. Stewart’s had a minor setback, but we’ve seen what he can deliver and he will get back there/improve.


Podcast were saying two clubs have approached Smack. We might be prepared to let him go and parlay that into something.

Seems as if there’s a pretty clear top 5 or 6 in the draft with Lukosius, King squared, Walsh, Rankine and Smith (?).

We should be able to get the best of the rest of the mids.


We need to ‘play kids’. There is plenty of upside when number 5 or 6 in th draft could be number 1.

This is the worst year in a long time to finish 9th or 10th.


■■■■ me theres some meat beaters on here!
No chance Carlton will let him leave!!!