Trade Targets


We could be on with Devon Smith.


I’m a bit surprised by our apparent interest in Smith I have to admit.


Entertaining as all the speculation is I think everyone is going to have to wait for the Lever move or no move.
If Adelaide want 2 1st rounders Melbourne’s got to get them.
If they get more 1st rounders then Gibbs is back on the cards, and that changes both Carlton’s cash and midfield issues - they’d go harder at an A or B+ grade mid.
Watts would almost certainly be shunted to Port (or Sydney)
The flow on effect is significant, and no one is certain that Lever is actually going yet.

Many of the other trades; Ablett, Saad, Taberner, Cameron, Crozier, Balic, Tomlinson, etc will inevitably involve shuffling of picks and steak knives as List managers try to eke an advantage. Who can we also pick, who’s out of Round picks and needs some for another deal, who’s playing safe, etc etc.
Without knowing how the main dominos will fall this is a big unknown, and I expect them all to hold off until later in the Trade period


Rockliff has selected Port

And Blues now def will not be letting Gibbs go.


We couldn’t be that stupid…could we?:roll_eyes:




Well he’s bigger, stronger and more skilful that Harts. Does that help??:wink:


As you should be


I lold at Terry Wallace saying he’s doesn’t understand why Essendon are chasing Devon Smith


Why are we chasing Devon Smith?


Smith only makes sense if he can play midfield.


Remember Will Brodie what’s the deal with him has only played 3 games for GC since being drafted.


He doesnt even really makes sense their either though, he is so teeny, weeny, tiny.


It would ■■■■ FC off though, wouldn’t it?


Every cloud


May even be a tiny little push that gets things moving.


Willem Drew.

Now Port got Rocky, his chances of playing mid have taken a hit


Played a couple of AFL games this season but mostly in neafl. Very underwhelming at the top level in his first year. Probably better to let him develop for another season at GCS. Currently unclear whether he will become a good AFL player.


Extended his contract


He can and did in his TAC cup days. Terry should know this considering he said as such on Future Stars in his draft year haha

He was pretty much what Jack Higgins is this year. Was a highly rated small midfielder that could go forward and kick a bag