Trade Targets


I’d be a terrible list manager… I’d still keep Zach.


I’d trade Zach Merrett for Saints picks 7+8, then trade picks 8+11 back to Saints for Zach Merrett.


For 8 and 11, I’d want Ross, Billing AND that Zac Merrett dude too.


Required player, move along, nothing to see here. Chances are one of picks 7 & 8 would be a gun and one will be meh. So in a couple of years time you MIGHT have a gun… kinda like what we are guaranteed with Zach right now.


Dodoro: “sounds good guys. Pick 7 and 8 for Jackson Merrett. Lets get it done”


That’s the good Merrett right…??


Nick Dal Santo is a ■■■■.




What’s Zach Merrett ever done? Steak knives.


photos show he has a tiny willie.


Have Essendon Essendon spoken to Alir Alir?


Heard Tom Harley say it would be unlikely Alir Alir will leave despite playing SFA this season. Not sure if I agree 100% with Harley unless he was injured the whole time. I would certainly be interested in getting AA to Essendon though.


Showed excellent composure in 2016. I’d ask the question despite what T Harley is saying.


One too many Jackets for Dodoro


Still waiting on a left field from Dodro




Tom Harley is a bit more trade savvy than poor ol Bevo it seems.


We have got such a good record with tall, lanky guys from the Horn of Africa.


Aliir is soft as butter


Please just deliver us a in and under midfielder.