Training 10 Feb 2024

■■■■■■ time slot. Who can make that?

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me and a couple of mates


Any whispers of extended match sim / intraclub this week?

It’s baffling. If they played this at Marvel after 6pm they’d have 10k bomber fans and possibly even a few saints fans .

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Or if they played it at UTAS stadium they would have 10k essendon fans and 2k st kilda fans

instead we get fark hawthorn again vs dogs.

govt / AFL is dumb, why bring fark hawks here for preseason games. no hawk fans are gonna come given only a praccy match.

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I wouldn’t go to Marvel, but will go to RSEA Park.

It’s only a match sim scenario over the official preseason game, which we have Cats for

Agree. Or harder. Not “nurturing environment”, etc. Harder training. Stricter discipline. A nurturing environment is fine, but it’s not going to win us a flag.

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Compared to years past, our injury list is much smaller. A much higher number of players on the list have had near complete preseasons with almost all sessions completed. This must translate to improved fitness levels, improved strength and being on the track with the main group means they’re learning faster about playing together (connection / cohesion).

Further, ~15 players went to Arizona. This would also support contention our fitness levels will be vastly improved.

The arrival of David Rath has reportedly been a great benefit to players needing to improve their craft (eg:Tsatas kicking). This more specific skill based development in time would translate to ‘development’ of players on the list. We are also hearing of material gains in other aspects of development: Mental resilience, professionalism and standards (AFL lifestyle).

The addition of more coaches, a broader lense on skills, mental sharpness and professionalism as well as obvious improvements in fitness thanks to a much improved preseason means what we’ve seen the last 12-16 weeks is a vast improvement on years past.

Results will come in time if we see continuation of the above and we (supporters) give this latest iteration a chance to deliver results.

In the next 100 years Essendon will be successful again. We’ve been critical of systemic failures in club culture, fitness (injuries), lack of development and lack of resources in ‘football’. I think even the most cynical and pessimistic must concede we’re seeing material changes and progress in several of these key areas.




Thanks for uploading these, @nickers . It is great to be able to watch some of the game sim.

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Kaine Baldwin highlights from last Saturday.


He’s looking like a seasoned defender now. His 2024 will be fascinating to observe.


Looks slow and propy with his ball movement (not saying it’s his fault). I can just see it in actual games, looks left, looks right and then just goes long down the line.

What’s a good time to get to the ground? 1:30? Don’t want to get locked out. Says Capacity: 8,000

Has a simlair playing profile/traits to Hurley.

Just not sure if he match’s on the resting ruck to outread/position his opponent or his plays on a 3rd tall medium forward which I think will be to quick/nimble for him and He seems a little short for the really tall giants eg lynch and Kings type

Think he is a smart player that reads play well, just think he is suited to second key forward role alongside Wright and Langford with stringer as the floating hybrid forward.


That’s a really interesting insight. Loved to see the data that backs it up!


When you go back to the beginning of last year, I’m not sure we had named Zac as captain yet, we lost players to injury, Brad wanted to just understand the list, I think Langers started in defence, … an unfit Walla was in and out, Alwyn was a regular starter early in the season, although Zerk did okay you were always expecting disaster at any moment, we looked fragile but somehow got wins.

The end of season recruiting, the time off to take stock, reflect and focus on the preseason and for Brad to evolve the onfield and off-field capability is a significant shift.

Of course there are no guarantees, but it is hard to criticise what we have done to improve things, and on the face of it, we are so very very far ahead of where we were last year. Not just physically but more important mentally.
I don’t believe that we walk away from 2023 doomed to repeat history.
The wounds have healed and hopefully left some scars so that we remember the experiences and are determined to eliminate our weaknesses.

We are not who we were, but how far have we come?
More importantly how far will be go?
Game at a time, focus on what we can control, bring our best consistently.
As each game passes, we may just build cohesion and find that we have a list , with parts that compliment each other and perhaps something special can happen.


Guelfi is pushing 100 games soon.